Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

 It's that time again, the time for me to reflect on something I am *loving* and this week the winner is:::

Coconut Water! Not only is it delcious and refreshing it so SO good for you!

Here is some info on coconut water:

1 Serving has more potassium than a banana
It has 5 essential electrolytes
ZERO fat,cholesterol and added sugar (yay!)
rehydrates your body FASTER than water(perfect during/post workout)
it has been used as an intravenous and saved lives
has lower acid than any sports drink
helps cure hangovers!

I find that plain coconut water isn't the yummiest option so I have been experimenting with different brands and different flavors. The options range from chocolate to acai & pomegranate (as pictured above)

With so many positive things to offer I suggest going out RIGHT THIS SECOND and picking up a bottle. If you don't like it just shimmy it my way!

                                      (photo isn't mine but was too cute  to ignore)


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