Sunday, July 31, 2011

Power X-Week 1 Summary

I did the unthinkable, and lived through Power X. That was by far the most instense, heartpounding, sweat pouring, challenging workout I have ever experienced in my life.

 At this time last year I was in a cast and on crutches because I tore all of the ligaments in my left ankle and I was extremely out of shape. I had not done a real physical workout since junior year of high school (2003) No I am not joking. SoI spent 3/4 of my summer this way and wasn't able to start working out until September. If you asked me two years ago what I considered a good workout I probably would have said walking around the mall or target.

I never had the ambition to push myself, never had to drive to work at something.

Now all I do is look for the next challenge.  My first challenge was to  survive kickboxing... accomplished that by Nov 2010. Then it was Jump & Drill started in January 2011, and  now I can't imagine not having it as part of my workout, I LOVE that class. Then I wanted to be able to take Jump & Drill AND Interval Training after (that's a 2.5 hr grueling workout) I believe I accomplished this end of March '11 or early April... Now my challenge was Power X

 I had nightmares for three days before the class(not kidding), my anxiety on the train ride home Wednesday was through the roof. I was regretting my decision before I even made it to the track.

6:45pm Wednesday July 20. It starts.

 Like I mentioned in my previous post this class consists of 3 stations:: ViPR, Battling Ropes & TRX. You do each of those stations twice.  I started on Vipr which was both smart and stupid. Smart because it is the easiest of the three...stupid because I had to end on the battling ropes.

Vipr- We did 3 different moves:lateral tilt with side to side movement, spider man-where you are pushing the vipr with one hand while the other is on the ground (which is covered in goose poop) and almost crawling across the field(repeat with both arms) and lastly we did a lateral tilt with front to back movement.

Here are some examples

Then came TRX. I was a little more hesitant about TRX than ViPR because my arms are nowhere near as strong as my legs and TRX is all about using your body weight...which I still have too much of.

We did 3 moves on the TRX: balance lunge w/hop, chest press and squat jumps. By the time we were halfway through this workout I was struggling to catch my breath, and it was only 8 minutes in. Honestly I wanted to quit as soon as I heard that. But thankfully I had one of the teachers there pushing me along.

 After TRX we had to run to Battling Ropes. I couldn't run, but I think I faked it pretty well.

Battling ropes were as scary and challenging as I thought they would be. They are SO heavy. Okay not SO heavy but they were pretty freakin heavy.. On the ropes we had 4 different moves to complete: The wave, battling rope slams, jumping jacks (yes while holding these damn things) and pulling the rope from side to side.

Just a few examples of how tough this workout really was

 I had to take a few mini breaks in between sets, I was trying to catch my breath and stay focused. It was a total body workout and I felt myself getting tired quicker than expected. This class is a true test of your physical abilites and I cannot wait to see how I do this week.
                                Longer intervals and different moves. Eek!

Battling ropes I am coming for you!!


  1. I love how the videos for all these LOOK like a lot of fun and then you think about the strength and balance that it actually requires and it's suddenly really scary. Good job, I wanna come!