Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maybe this will "Spark" your interest....

There are so many diet books and weight loss programs out there it's insane. I feel like Weight Watchers/Jenny Craig/Diet Centers are easier to find than a Starbucks sometimes! (Which btw.. I am NOT okay with since I am kind of a die-hard Starbucks addict) You could always stroll to your local book store and buy a weight loss book, i.e South Beach Diet/Atkins Diet.. or if you're super savvy you could download the hottest new program/book on your iPhone or iPad.

 Basically what I am saying is there are lots of options out there, and the ones I have mentioned--all cost money.

Fun Facts:
1. I am cheap
2. I am broke ( most of the time)

So joining a weight loss club like WW or hang with Jenny Craig & all her celeb friends just isn't an option for me.  That is what inspired me to type " free weight loss programs" into Google back in '09.

I was amazed at all of the free websites that were out there in cyber land for cheap/broke fatties like myself! SCORE! The first one that caught my eye was something called SparkPeople.

The best way to summarize www.sparkpeople.com is facebook for weight loss or a healthier lifestyle. They offer the following tools :Nutrition Tracker--which you can track what you have eaten on a daily basis OR they can create a nutrition plan for you based on your height/weight/BMI *ALSO* they give you food shopping lists and the recipe for each meal(remember this is FREE), Weight Tracker--You have your starting weight, current weight and goal weight--this portion also encourages you to track your inches because as most people know inches are just as important as pounds!  Fitness Tracker- Similar to the Nutrition tracker you can have SparkPeople create a workout plan FOR YOU based on how many calories you want to burn or pounds you want to loose per week (no more than 2lbs a week because they encourage healthy, long term weightloss) or you can do as I do and track your work outs on your own and calories burned with a handy, dandy heart rate monitor--I'll blog about this later.

              In addition to those tools there is an entire community of people on there just like you! You set up a profile (much like facebook) and on there you can put pictures...weight loss/fitness goals/ join teams/leave comments,etc. Everyone on the website is motivating. Some people are just starting on their journeys and some have reached their goals, every page, every story is motivating and inspiring. I have spent many days just clicking through peoples stories or pictures, and telling myself I can be one of them. Someone will come across my page and I will motivate them---and it pushed me to be that much more active on the site.

There are free workout videos and healthy recipes added by both professionals and other memebers on the website. Basically there are no excuses. -It's all free-

OH! I haven't mentioned the best part! SparkPoints. Remember back in fifth grade the teacher had a poster board with everyone's names on it and some people had gold stars and some didn't? Gold stars were meant to encourage you to do better on whatever the task may be...That is spark points.

Everytime you log on,blog,track your food/fitness, join a team,etc etc You receive a specific number of SparkPoints. With spark points comes trophies, or you can send your friend a "goody" which is just a little picture but I'll tell you it makes you feel really great when someone you only know online sends you a "goody" with words like "congrats on your 20lb weight loss you're such an inspiration to me!"

I cannot say enough great things about SparkPeople I wish everyone would give it a try, or maybe just check the site out. You owe it to yourself.

AND if you do join...friend me :: allnewcarlyn --we can motivate each other :)

"You won't fail if you're not perfect, you'll fail if you're not committed to improving yourself slightly each day."


  1. Sarah aka Peanut ButterAugust 2, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    spark points sounds really cool!

  2. I love sparkpeople. Even when my friends and family want to use myfitnesspal I still believe sparkpeople is better.