Monday, July 11, 2011

FIT Friday!

Okay I totally just realized I forgot to post a FIT Friday, it was a crazy crazy work day that when I finally got home me and the fi went out for some hardcore drinks....Not an excuse but it's the truth! So I will post TWO blogposts today to make up for my drunken shortcoming.

Today's FIT Friday post is all about YOGA! I have only tried yoga once, about 5 years ago with my mom. She took me to Bikram Yoga (yanno the one that is in a heatbox of a room and lasts about an hour & half too long?) I have ADD and if I am not into something right away I just can't bring myself to do it. Whether it is workout related, chores, conversations, etc. I cannot do it! (Note to self: change this about self)

There are so many benefits to doing Yoga that it would be silly not to try it again. So today I will be doing this video and hope that you will join me!
My goals for yoga are: enjoy it
2.improve flexibility
3.learn to meditate/find peacefulness in my world

 I am such a highstrung, stressful human being. I worry all the time about everything not only is it unhealthy but it is exhausting. If doing some yoga once in awhile can help me I am all for giving it another shot!