Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dietary Changes

So I know I said when I started this blog I was a vegetarian...

 That lasted 2 months

Saturday mid-morning after a grueling 2 hour workout my body was craving something...It took me awhile before I could figure out what I really wanted. Then it hit me:

Fried Chicken

WTF!? Why was I craving such an unhealthy and odd meal? I haven't eaten chicken or any other meat in 2.5 months. I haven't had fried chicken in about 6 months so what gives?

Well I gave in to my craving. I figured my body was lacking the protein it has been needing, obviously I wasn't watching my protein intake on my veggie diet as much as I thought.

So I am back. I am not going to have meat everyday as I would like to incorporate more beans as protein into my meals but I will be more of a FLEXITARIAN then  VEGETARIAN. My fiance was right when he said " you don't need to label yourself, eat what you want when your hungry!"

He's so smart!

But this means I will be sharing both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian recipes/food finds! YAY!