Monday, July 11, 2011

Channel your inner Chuck Norris

This is Killa. Everyone say HI KILLA!  She is my kickpad/weight loss buddy and boy does she "kill" my muscles! When using a kickpad a partner is required(unless you have a punching bag at home or in your gym) but I've found this to be a great workout to do with a spouse or family member because you can take out all the aggression you may have (caused by them or other things)and no one gets hurt!  I purchased my kickpad right here : It took over 3 months due to backorder but was well worth the wait!

There are so many reasons you should all go out and buy one RIGHT NOW! It is a great way to learn self defense, it's an intense workout tool for both in the gym and at home, it improves balance and stability while increasing core muscles. So many options, so little time! Here are a few ways to get your kick-on:

These links below are just a series of Kickboxing workouts that you can do on your own and without a pad:

This is by far my favorite type of workout! It is pretty intense but also fun. Whether I am at home working out with Killa or taking a Kickboxing class at Fitness Incentive this workout never gets old and never gets easier. Do yourself a favor a give it a try!