Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweaty Warrior

Power X last night was brutal in every sense of the word.

Usually class goes like this:

3 stations: Vipr, Battle Ropes and TRX
4 moves in each station: :45 work, 10:rest
2 rounds
30 minutes total
Followed by sprints

Last night it went like this:
3 Stations
4 moves each: :30 work, :10 rest
3 rounds
30 minutes total
Followed by sprints

I was winded by round 2! It was like it was my first time taking the class all over again.
I also increased my weight on the ViPR to the heaviest one,not entirely sure why or how but it happened. 

Oh I forgot to mention the best part,
it was all done in the rain!

Remember when we did Power X in the snow?
We don't let little things like the weather hold us back from kicking butt.

I love workouts like these.
The ones that take every bit of energy out of you, humble you and most importantly, push you.




  1. Sounds like an awesome workout! I LOVE TRX - I think it's one of the best tools for working out anywhere, anytime. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! You go girl! I really LOVE a good hard strength workout - I should really give TRX a try.