About Me

Hi! Either you clicked this tab as a mistake or you are somewhat interested in the "brains" behind this blog...either way I am glad you did! For starters, my name is Carlyn, I am 27 years old, married to my biggest fan and I am a mother to two fur babies, Max( a shih tzu) and Chance (a dachshund).

5 Random Facts About Me:
1. Before starting my healthier lifestyle, I would eat lots of junk food and blame it on the "Snacking Leprechaun" and claimed he lived in our cabinets
2. I attended 4 different colleges in 4 years, I call it  "Carlyn's College Tour." It was funny then, but now that I pay student loans..not so funny.
3. I am a major Gleek. I never miss an episode (sometimes watch them twice) and own almost every song.
4. When I was little and played "house" I always was the dog...by choice.
5. I am known to randomly start dancing, I don't care where I am, if the urge comes...I dance.

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would be writing a blog, especially about health and fitness, I would have thought you we crazy. Along with anyone else that knew me. In high school I played almost every sport imaginable, mostly because I would quit if it became challenging. I went from gymnastics to cheer leading, softball to lacrosse...I even gave track a shot, which is funny because I was also the girl who hid under the bleachers during "The Mile". I was all over the place, still am, but in an organized way. That makes sense,right?

My Mom and I, March 2009 "before picture"
Eddie & I, November 2009 "before picture"

 December 2009 "before picture"

 The day I realized I needed to lose weight was on my sisters 21st birthday,December 2009.  In every picture I look bloated and miserable, which I was, but never knew until that very moment. I had all the signs: heart palpitations, XL and XXL clothes,  poor diet and lack of energy. I just never put two and two together(math was never my strong suit). I officially started my "journey"  like most of us with a New Years resolution. on January 1  2010, by using sparkpeople.com which I describe as "Facebook for weight loss."  I recommend spark to everyone for a few reasons :it's free, it has a great community and an entire free database of healthy recipes.

February 2011

By April 2010 I had lost 15 pounds, moved back home with my parents and joined the gym in my town. That was when my life really changed. I'll never forget my first kickboxing class, it was 8:30am on a Sunday morning and PACKED. I hid in back corner right under the speaker, so far back I was practically out of the room. After the first set of jumping jacks I was tired, sweating and out of breath...I wanted to walk out, to give up, to quit. But my sister, who was also in the class...all the way upfront, turned around to see if I was still there, I was and I decided right then I wasn't leaving. Making it through those grueling 60 minutes changed me, it made me believe I could do this and was going too.

 August 2011

I had lost 38 pounds and plateaued by August 2011. I didn't mind because i was working out hard, enjoying what I ate and was happy.  By December that changed, I was working out, enjoying what I ate and hated myself again. Why wasn't I loosing anymore weight?!  I workout just as hard as everyone else sometimes harder, why did my body hate me?  I re-evaluated what I was eating and how much, and realized it was time to make another change.

On January 1,2012 I joined Tone It Up and it changed everything. I am eating clean and paying attention to what I eat when rather than how many calories. My body responded to the change almost instantly and I have lost an additional 10 pounds bringing me to 48 pounds lost.

 January 1 2011 VS January 1 2012

It has taken me over two years to get to this point, but I am doing it my way. It isn't a race to the weight loss finish line, it is a journey and what I have lost in weight, I have gained in knowledge. "Just keep sweating,"was inspired by one of my favorite movies, "Finding Nemo," when Dory said "just keep swimming" to Marlin it really stuck wit me. If you really want something you can NEVER give up, you need to push yourself, further than you could have ever imagined.

March 2012

I never thought of myself as anything but a "before"picture, and now all I see is an ever-changing "after."

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