Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How I Keep Everything Clean with a Toddler

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If you were to ask me what was one thing I could not live without since becoming a mom the answer would be Wet Ones. Simply because they are gentle enough for Molly's (very) sensitive skin while powerful on dirt, germs and grime.  

Having a very busy and messy almost two year old means keeping Wet Ones all over the house and in our cars for easy clean up. Thankfully the travel packs are small enough to bring with us everywhere we go.

We are still working on using utensils so our meals are a little messier than I would like most days, especially when there's guacamole involved. 
But we're getting there!

Fortunately for me, Molly loves using the wipes to clean herself up while I get a jump start on clearing the table before she's ready to hit the ground running until bed time.

Now if only they could act as a replacement for bath time on the days where I am just too tired (or lazy) that would really make my life complete. However, I have become so attached to these wipes that I make sure they are included in every baby shower gift basket I make for the Mom to Be, everyone needs their Wet Ones!

What is one product you cannot live without since becoming a mom?

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