Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What I Ate Wednesday: Toddler Edition

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We survived the first week of school! I hope everyone else did as well. While I catch up on life I thought it would be fun to do a "What I Ate Wednesday" post today but let Molly be the star of the show, she's cuter anyhow.


This is the one meal of the day I can count on Molly to eat every single bite of so I try to my best to make it a healthy, balanced meal.

As any toddler mom would know, sneaking in veggies is key to any successful meal. Green Giant made this incredibly easy for me with their "Veggie Tots" broccoli option. Molly loves sweet broccoli and ate gobbled these right up #momwin!

Alongside her veggie tots, she had her two favorites pancakes and sausage and instead of milk I opted for a "Fruit Shoot" fruit juice. 

I try to keep Molly's juice consumption a minimum but Fruit Shoots' are made from real juice, contain mostly water and has no high fructose corn syrup therefore making it a healthy morning option. 

Snack #1
On Tuesday's and Thursday's when Molly doesn't have Preschool, Eddie takes her from 9-12 to run errands, play at the park, go on runs etc. No matter what they're doing I always make sure she has a snack packed because there aren't many things scarier than a hangry toddler. 

Lately one of Molly's favorite snacks are the "Veggie Straws" from Sensible Portions and I will pretty much buy anything that says it has vegetables so it's a win-win in our house.

While they were out for the morning I used the time to work from our local coffee shop. I make sure I never leave home without several snacks in my bag and more often than not you will always find an RX Bar with me. I have talked about these before, they're a staple in my diet, not only because they're clean but they are delicious. I have a few favorite flavors (in no particular order) Chocolate sea salt, blueberry, peanut butter and of course, pumpkin spice. If you visit their website you can get 15% off your first purchase using code BABBLEBOXX.


Lunch is hit or miss. It depends mostly on her nap, how long it lasts and her mood when she wakes up, which more often than not these days is cranky (thanks to teething and early terrible 2's) 
To keep Molly from avoiding eating lunch all together I made sure I had two of her tried and true favorites and we had it picnic style while watching Daniel Tiger.

Can you ever go wrong with PB&J? 
Advance Pierre's PB Jamwich was the starter for our picnic lunch in the strawberry flavor, of course. I love that these sandwiches are small enough for tiny hands and with no crust they minimize crumbs. 

After a quick location change we added in some Entenmanns' Little Bites into our picnic lunch. These muffins have been a part of our weekly grocery shop for the last 6 months and with 10 flavors to choose from, Molly never gets bored. 

With lots of energy to burn we usually head outside for awhile after lunch to "exercise"  until dinner. Last night our dinner consisted of grilled nuggets from Chick-Fila and fruit due to running late at the gym and having a billion errands to run before heading out of town tomorrow.

Once Molly was in bed for the night, I did my nightly pick up routine and got into bed with my own guilty pleasure treat, Sour Punch straws.

These were my go-to movie snack as a kid and all through high school so I was instantly brought back to my younger years while enjoying them in bed at 8pm. 

What are some of your toddlers favorite foods?