Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Let Go of What's Holding You Back

Yesterday when I woke up I did something that has been on my mind for a very long time.

 I cut up a credit card that does nothing but put me into a vicious cycle of paying down debt only to pile it right back on.

 As I was doing it I felt instant gratification,  I knew I was finally cutting the weight of something I didn't want in my life. Although  I still have to pay the bill, I won't be adding to it, ever again.

It made me sit and think about all of the things in life that add unnecessary stress to our already busy days. If something is holding you back from achieving any type of goal in your life, get rid of it. There should be nothing that you can control, standing in the way of you and your ultimate goals.

Today I challenge you to write down 3 realistic goals you have for the rest of 2017 then come up with ways to achieve those goals.

Start with baby steps, like cutting up the credit card, and then you'll be paying off the debt (hitting your personal goal) in no time.

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