Sunday, June 11, 2017

How to Crush Your Early Morning Workout in 6 Steps

Since rejoining the 5am club a few weeks ago I have finally nailed down my routine to getting out the door swiftly and most importantly, easily.

6 Steps for a successful early AM workout:

1. Set out your clothes the night before. 
For me, this is key because I am not only trying to avoid waking my husband and our dogs but the toddler who is in the room right next to us. The less steps around the bedroom(s), the better. Plus, I like to look cute before I turn into a sweaty mess, it motivates me.

2. Fill your water bottle 
Place it in the fridge before you go to bed. This way you can just grab and go in the morning on your way out the door!

3. Set multiple alarms and check them. 
Did you know that Apple now has an option for SNOOZE on their alarms? 
This burned me last week, I had no idea that I hit STOP instead of SNOOZE because lets face it, at 4:43 am on a Friday morning, they look the same.

4. Plan your breakfast
 Whether it's part of meal prep Sunday or you make it the night before, get it done!
 With egg bakes, overnight oats, and protein plates the options are endless friends. Set yourself up for a breakfast win!

5. Pre-workout
I walk into class with a travel coffee cup in my hand, I just do not function well without my coffee + collagen, regardless of the time of day. 

If you need a jolt to get the most of your hour, DO IT!

6. Practice your PMA, Positive Mental Attitude

No one enjoys being up while your kids/the world is still sleeping but focusing on that fact is not going to do anything for your mental attitude. 
Make a playlist, crank up the volume and set your PMA before you walk into your workout then CRUSH IT.

Are you part of the early workout club?
What are your favorite tips & tricks to a successful workout?


  1. Great ideas Thanks x

  2. Weeeellll. Embarrassingly in a sense here at sphere :-) if I don't get up and do it life gets in the way. But let's call that… Let's call it :-) a sense of urgency

    1. Hey, as long as you're getting it done... right?!