Monday, February 27, 2017

Scenes from the weekend #3

Has it really been a month since I shared my last scenes from the weekend post?
I did do my fair share of Instagram live videos throughout the course of the weekend, mostly food related but who doesn't love to see what other people are eating or buying at the grocery store?

Friday morning Molly tried to delay my workout by demanding she wear my tank top.
It didn't work but she sure is cute in it!

Post workout we cleaned ourselves up and went out for a late lunch/early dinner and shopping date with Daddy. After a 50 picture photo shoot, this is the best one I got. 
Thanks Molls.

How cute are these new Spring pieces for Molly? 
That ice cream cone! I can't handle it.
I picked up a few new pairs of jeans (mine are all too big!) and workout pants and Eddie got some new polo shirts. 
Everybody wins at Old Navy.

Saturday morning I was up and out before 7 am for an amazing workout with some of my favorite moms and the weather was so beautiful we were able to spend the entire hour OUTSIDE! This was the only pre/post workout picture I took but I am so excited to share all of my results from round 2 of BodyBack with you next week.

We had family in town over the weekend and they spent the afternoon at our house visiting so I took advantage of that to practice my 2017 resolution, to perfect the art of making a cheeseboard.

Everything on both boards was from Trader Joe's and they were a big hit!
After everyone left I was too tired to cook so we went out for burgers at the Brgr Joint which were even better than anticipated. I forgot a picture but mine had american, avocado, raw onion and was wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. 

Sunday morning I was up and out again for a workout before 8 am. 

If it weren't for snapchat I wouldn't have any photos to share, I need to get better about that.  Regardless of my lack of pictures the event was amazing, I shared my story with friends and strangers and cried because this program has changed my life.

The remainder of the day was spent in pineapple pj's meal prepping and playing with Molly. 

I finally made the red lentil pasta I picked up at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago and paired it with steamed broccoli and shaved parmesean gouda cheese, leftover from Saturday's cheeseboard creations. It was DELICIOUS!

I ended the weekend with the Oscars. Wasn't Jimmy Kimmel a great host? I laughed until I fell asleep around 11pm which is late for this momma.

How was your weekend? 
Share in the comments below!

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