Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New must-have products from Trader Joe's

It seems that we alternate our food store of choice every week, depending on our needs. This week we opted for Trader Joe's which around the Holidays is always dangerous because they bring back old favorites while introducing you to new "must-have" products.

For the sake of the blog I took one for the team and picked up a mix of health and a  few not-so-healthy finds to share with you today.

First up, these pre-cut vegetables.

With Molly eating solids three times a day now I find myself struggling with what to feed her. Her two favorite vegetables are sweet potatoes and butternut squash so this seemed like a no brainer for us.

I'm not quite sure what I will have this with just yet but I was afraid if I didn't grab it this trip I would miss out. Trader Joe's FOMO at its best.

Sticking with the cauliflower theme, I had seen this on the Trader Joe's list instagram last week and was so excited when I saw it in our store. Eddie and Molly both gave me a questionable look when I squealed with excitement over it. Again, I have no idea what I'll have it with, but at least it's in our fridge!

Neither Eddie or I were sure if these were new but we decided they would be a quick lunch or dinner option on our hectic days. 

The apple cinnamon sticks have been a long time favorite of mine but I only pick them up during this time of year, I may have grabbed two bags just in case Molly loves them too.

The turkey stuffing kettle chips were another scrolling through instagram find and partly what prompted me to suggest shopping at Trader Joe's for the week. We broke into them as soon as we got in the car and if I had to rate them on their flavor accuracy, I would say an 8. These chips are the perfect accompaniment to a sandwich, preferably chicken salad.

Okay, enough about the chips.

These were a total impulse buy. There they were hanging out on the end cap, minding their own business and I rolled on by, spotted them and said, happening!

We haven't had ice cream in our house for the last 9 weeks due to my Body Back program (recap/results coming soon) but when I spotted this bad boy and read the description out loud Eddie yanked it from my hands faster then I could finish my sentence.
The woman who was standing next to us grabbed one as well and said she wouldn't have bought it if we didn't spot it for her. I considered that my good deed for the day.

Have you tried anything new at Trader Joe's lately? Let me know if I am missing out on something!

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  1. Love the pre-cut stuff! Makes my Sunday prep a heck of a lot easier!