Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Years ago when I first began my weight loss journey I sat on the floor of my parents basement with scissors, magazines and a big white poster board to create a vision board. This would be my crutch when I felt weak and wanted to give up, my sanity when I felt a little crazy getting up at 4:30 am to workout for two hours and my motivation when I needed that extra push. At the time all I wanted was to stay focused enough to lose the weight but I didn't have my "WHY."  Losing weight is never a selfish act but at that point in my life all I cared about was looking better and being smaller. This time around everything is different.
I have just as much weight to lose as I did four years ago but my "WHY" is not for me but for Molly.

I want to be my happiest, healthiest self so I can be the best mom I know I can be. There are days it's harder to eat healthy or squeeze in a workout and I definitely find more excuses NOT to do those things now than I ever did before but I am trying and that is all I can do.

When we were asked to create our vision boards for the Body Back program I knew I wanted to include Molly as my motivation but also an after photo from when I lost 50 lbs back in 2012. In this picture I am the happiest I have EVER been with my body because I worked my ass off (literally) to get it. And although it is going to be a lot of hard work and regiment on my part I will get back to that place because not only do I want it, I deserve it.

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