Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Becoming a Professional Juggler

For most people following the mostly same routine day in and day out would become torture. For me, it is how I thrive. Since having Molly these last two months have been schedule and routine free which has left me feeling stressed. Don't get me wrong I am loving every single second of motherhood and I cannot believe she is already 8 weeks old, but momma needs some routine back in her life.

This need for a schedule became much more prevalent when I starting working again last week. Suddenly I was juggling a newborn, working from home and housework in addition to trying to get back into a gym routine.
It was overwhelming to say the least.
The gym is my happy place and now more than ever it makes me feel like a normal person in society again. But with Eddie and I being on completely opposite schedules and the classes I like to attend falling at the wrong days/times it's been difficult to adjust.

For now I am focusing on my life outside of the gym and working on a new routine (more to come in another post) which has left me relying heavily on my two planners.

Yes, two planners.

Doesn't the cover remind you of the Very Hungry Caterpillar?

For work I am using my Erin Condren hourly ( save $10 on your first order by clicking here ) which has quickly become my favorite planner. I am able to map out my days which are filled with meetings and to-do lists and visualy see how much I am getting done each day.

 This is an idea of how last week looked which was my first week back to work. As you can see, there was a lot going on and by Sunday night I was beyond exhausted. 

I am still working on this weeks work/to-do schedule while trying to include my own workout plan but I will update you on the finished week if you're interested. 
Now that Instagram has FINALLY added the function to switch between accounts I will be using my planner/organizational account much more regularly: @justkeepplanning

My second planner is my Filofax in the original size with Sew Much Crafting inserts. I use this one more for family plans, TV shows and memories. 

I made the tabs myself, if you would like me to do a post on how I made them leave a comment below :)

Here is an example of a finished week in my Filofax

Oops! I still need to finish filling in last weekends events.

And as you can see this week is untouched as of now.

 I would love to start including more planner related posts here if that is something of interested to you guys. Feel free to post your thoughts below or leave me a comment on Facebook.


  1. It took me a long while to find my groove as a mother and to figure out what approach works best for me. For a while I went back to old school Filofax :-) I might need to get back to that…

  2. I really love that Erin Condren hourly planner for work. I have a Happy Planner that lives on my desk at work and it's been a lifesaver. Two planners is definitely the way to go. For my personal is a Filofax Malden which I use as a wallet and planner. I might do a video on that set up later this month. Still figuring out if I like it. Thank goodness IG allows for multiple accounts. Thanks for the reminder :)