Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Survived

Monday night was my return to the gym and I must admit I was incredibly anxious about how my body would handle jumping right back into my Tabata class. Right before I left the house I gave myself a little pep talk with Eddie and Molly as my witnesses. 

Here are a few things I repeatedly told myself in the mirror:

- I am doing this not only for myself but to be a better role model for my daughter

-My body is not back to where it was when I was at my peak fitness level and that's okay

-I am not competing with anyone else, just myself

-Getting to the gym is a big accomplishment on broken, or on this particular day, no sleep

This went on for a good fifteen minutes.

When I arrived to class I was so thankful two of my girlfriends were there on either side of me so I didn't have to go through it alone. I was also welcomed with open arms and cheers from our teacher which made me feel much more at ease and reminded me just how much I missed him kicking my booty.

I am still dealing with lack of bladder control (TMI? Don't care it's the truth) so jumping around was not easy for me for fear of peeing in my pants with every move but I made slight modifications, high knees instead of burpees or jumping jacks, and was able to get the workout I had been craving.

At the end of class I remembered why I fell in love with working out in the first place. I was on an endorphin high and left the gym feeling like Elle Woods.

(and no, I have no desire or intention to shoot my husband)

Unfortunately Eddie and I are on polar opposite schedules so I am only able to make it to classes on Monday and Thursday nights at the moment so I need to figure out what to do Tuesday,Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday. If you would like an updated post on my fitness routine/schedule once I create it let me now in the comments below!

For the moment I am just easing back into things and my goal is working out 3x a week consistently to build my stamina back up.  It will take time and patience but as always, something is better than nothing.

Here's to sweating again!


  1. Glad the first workout back went so well. Remember your body just did this miraculous thing of having a baby but I have no doubt you will find the workouts that work for you. :) Love the Elle quote! LOL

  2. I really enjoyed this post! Would love more fitness related posts as I find you are always real and its very inspiring. On the days you're home you should try the work outs from the 21 day fix. I believe you have them, their actually pretty tough and only 30 minutes so it makes it a little easier to squeeze in when you can. I just started and although I'm not following the meal plan exactly I'm still doing the work outs and I find them challenging, I get the good kind of sore muscles (feeling like its working lol) and already seeing results!

  3. An update on your fitness schedule would be awesome! Maybe look into T25? It's a workout you can do around you/Molly/Eddies schedule and its satisfying. When I'm in a pinch for time it's my go to.

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