Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Molly's Birth Story Part 1

On December 15 2015 my entire world was changed for good when our daughter, Molly Rae came into the world.
Although the actual delivery process of Molly wasn't long, the birth story is so I am dividing it into two parts. Part 1 today and Part 2 I will post tomorrow.


Starting at my 36 week appointment both my doctor and myself noticed that was I starting to show signs of PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension). I was the one who told the nurse that took my blood pressure that the number was very high for me (140/90) even if it wasn’t considered high for others, my usual BP is 110/60 or 70. I was also told I gained 6 lbs in the last week which is a big jump in any trimester but most concerning in the third. My doctor sent me to L&D right from my appointment to be monitored and I was told I would either be staying in the hospital for a week or I would be sent home that night and we would revisit this the following week. Low and behold after 6 or 7 hours my BP stayed the same but I wasn’t experiencing any headaches or other symptoms of preeclampsia so I was sent home.

 Over the next week I was still experiencing a decent amount of swelling in addition to some minor headaches, which I wasn’t sure if they were PIH related or sinuses because we were going through one of our many heat waves here in Virginia. I decided to just monitor myself and if I felt something wasn’t right I would call my OB right away.  The week passed and before I knew it I was 37 weeks (and 1 day) on Monday December 14th. Something told me that I needed to be prepared for Molly to come into the world that day.  I made my appointment for 3pm that afternoon so Eddie would be able to come with me but the universe had other plans and he was up for over 18 hours and finally fell asleep right before we had to leave. I assured him all would be fine and I’d call him if I was sent to L&D again (he was upset I didn’t wake him the week before) My BP was 140/90 at my appointment and I was feeling “off” in addition to a dull but nagging headache. My OB walked in and said “you’re not feeling well are you?” I told her something just felt off and her response was “ Your BP is still high for you and with you being full term we don’t see any reason to jeopardize you or Molly’s safety so lets get you to L&D to induce tonight.”

My face dropped and my heart was pounding out of my chest. Suddenly I wasn’t going home and sleeping in my bed that night, instead I was going to be on my way to meeting our baby girl. I decided not to call Eddie at this point because I knew from reading many induction stories, which were mostly horror stories, that this would be a long process and I wanted him to be as rested as possible. I think I forgot who was actually going to be in labor at this point, HA! As soon as I left the office I called my mom and told her what was happening which lead to her, my father and my sister all coming into town (thankfully they live close) so they would be there for the delivery.

One of the only pre-delivery hospital pictures we have. Don't I look glamorous!

I arrived at the hospital around 5pm on Monday night and I wasn’t checked into a room until around 7pm, it was a very busy night in the L&D ward. At first a nurse took me into triage and ran blood work on me even though I told her I was there for induction she said I had to have these tests done first because they were deciding if they wanted to induce or not. We went back and forth a few times because I knew I was being induced but she wasn’t sure. Low and behold she was wrong, I was right and I was given the tests unnecessarily. Once I was finally settled into my room they inserted the Cervidil. Being that I was only 37 weeks and 1 day I was only 1 cm dilated and 10% effaced so this was going to help my cervix ripen, as they put it. The process was extremely uncomfortable but the nurse was so sweet she talked me through it and once all was said and done she told me they wouldn’t need to do anything else that night and by 8 am tomorrow morning I would either get my water broken or have to do another round of the cervidil if I didn’t progress at all.

Fast forward to 7 am the next morning, the day nurses (who I LOVED) came in and removed the cervidil and told me the OB on call from my office would be in soon to determine the next steps. 

Around 8 am the OB came in and told me it was time to break my water, I didn’t even ask about my progression because I had another moment of “holy crap this is happening” and couldn’t formulate words let alone sentences. The breaking of my water was by far the worst part of my entire labor and delivery experience. The OB was downright nasty to me. As a first time mom who basically learned every thing from labor and delivery from Google, I was under the impression they used a small hook device, similar to a crochet hook, to break your water but she did not. She used her hand and was ROUGH. Let me tell you all something, I have a great pain tolerance and this was an experience I never want to go through again. I was screaming and crying, begging her to stop while two nurses basically held me down so I would stop wiggling from the pain. Her only response to me was “ You know delivery is painful right? This isn’t going to be easy”
 I wanted to slap her as soon as she said it. 
Finally she was done and my water was broken.

And then came the pitocin…..

Part Two to follow

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  1. Oy, wow that sounds awful! I would be upset with that OB too! Sounds like she didn't have good bedside manner.
    Well written Carly! Looking forward to part two.