Friday, January 29, 2016

Body After Baby Clothing Haul

Earlier this week was my 6 week postpartum check up and while I'll admit I was happy to hear my BP was back to normal and I am cleared for all exercise, hearing that I've only lost 16 of the 36 lbs I gained during my pregnancy was not what I had expected. 

I know they say it takes 9 months to grow and birth a child so you need to give yourself 9 months to get your body back to what it was, but I am way too impatient and hard on myself for that. In addition to that I am also struggling with my clothes not fitting the way they did before, whether it's my regular day to day outfits or what I plan to wear to the gym I don't like how anything looks at the moment. Instead of looking like a stuffed sausage when I return to Tabata on Monday, I went out and bought a few new gym tops and sports bras to help me get excited about losing this baby weight + an additional 20 pounds.

I have had my eye on the CALIA by Carrie Underwood collection since it was released on my birthday last year but I waited until now to purchase anything. I must say the tank tops below are some of the softest shirts I now own and I plan on adding more to my collection over time and wear them outside of the gym as well.

 If it has stripes or polka dots I am all over it.

I love the fit of these tanks. As you can see they are longer in the back, as well as forgiving around the stomach. 
Basically, they cover a multitude of sins or post baby belly rolls.

Yes, that is an Ubbi bag full of dirty diapers on my left and mess on my right. 

I was also happy to find another CALIA top on the clearance rack and while purple isn't my go to color for any outfit I said screw it, I can rock this better then I think I can!

Do you like how I laid the other tank in the background for standalone pictures?

After I was done in the CALIA area of Dick's I venutred over to Nike where I spent 20 minutes swooning over all of the bright colors and prints that would look great on me once this weight is off. I quickly shifted my focus to what I was really there for... sportsbras. 
Super bright colors for the win!

I am hoping that these few items give me the confidence I need to get myself back in the gym or at least working out on a regular basis again. Juggling both mine and Eddie's polar opposite schedules plus a newborn is going to be a challenge but I refuse to let it hold me back. 
Where there's a will, there's a way.

What is your favorite fitness apparel brand?


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