Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rabbit Rabbit

For as long as I can remember I have always made an effort to remember to start a new month with "rabbit rabbit" being the very first words out of my mouth. I am not sure when I learned of the British tradition but I know that I feel better about the month ahead when I do it.

That being said, I am so happy for a new month and a fresh start. August and September were both very intense and stressful months but I am entering October with a clean slate and a hopeful heart. 

There are also a lot of things I am looking forward to this month. For starters, Eddie and I have our labor and delivery tour at the hospital tomorrow night where I plan to give birth (so weird) and next week we are taking an Infant and Child CPR class.

Also on the menu this month is taking my mom to see the Carole King musical "Beautiful" at the Kennedy Center in DC. I have been wanting to take her to see this show since it first made its Broadway debut in 2013 and I am so happy it has made its way to our area and we're able to finally go.

And the thing I am most excited about this month is definitely my baby shower. I cannot wait to spend the day with family and friends who are kind enough to make the trip down to Virginia to celebrate Molly joining us later this year. Being far from family and friends has been very difficult since we moved but I am thankful that some of my nearest and dearest will be able to see the new place we call home and see Molly's room which is almost finished!

All in all I know this month will be better than the previous two and I am excited about being even closer to the day that Molly joins our family. 

Here's to new beginnings!