Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Best Way to Celebrate An Anniversary

Yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary and it is amazing to think about how many things have changed for us since we said "I Do"

We moved to Virginia.
We moved twice in under a year since living in Alexandria.
We're expecting our first baby.
We bought our first car together.

And so many other things.

Our celebration was different this year but I wouldn't have changed anything about it.
We started our day by going to our follow up anatomy scan/ultrasound and we were fortunate enough to have my mom join us!

Had to snap a quick bump pic before leaving

The appointment was great but very long as Molly, yet again, wasn't cooperating for us or the technician. I really wanted to get a great 3D photo of her face as this is my last ultrasound until she is born but this was the best shot we could get:

Her hands are on either side of her face covering her ears and you can barely make out her eyes, nose and mouth but from what I see is she's adorable already!

After our lengthy appointment, Eddie made it very well known he wanted to visit Sugar Shack donuts in Old Town Alexandria and I wasn't about to turn down an opportunity for food or a hot chocolate so off we went.
Naturally we picked up a dozen donuts. For our first visit we went with: Maple Bacon, Samoa, Chocolate Butterfinger and Caramel Oreo

OMG they were all amazing. So bad for you but so worth it!

After our donut adventure we decided it would be a good idea to go out for a bite to eat, we had originally planned to BBQ at the house but since mom was only in town for the night and we were already in the Old Town area it seemed like the right thing to do. 

Our restaurant of choice was one I have been dying to try for months, Virtue Feed & Grain which just so happens to be another farm to table eatery in our area.

I started out with the tomato bisque soup which was one of the specials for the evening and it was delicious.

For dinner I opted for the quinoa salad and added steak to it for extra protein however, after a donut and soup I was too full to eat it once it arrived so I will be having it for lunch today.

The portion was enormous considering it was an appetizer salad but I am looking forward to digging into it today!

Our night ended with exchanging gifts. The traditional 2nd year gift is cotton, I gave Eddie a new pair of Under Armour sweats + baseball tickets which was a tradition I started last year for the paper gift and he gave me the most beautiful customized pillow from an Etsy shop.

Of course I cried upon opening it because it was just so thoughtful and the anchor has an added significance for a few reasons which just made it that much more special.

All in all it was a perfect day from start to finish. 
Here's to 498 more years just like it!


  1. Happy anniversary!! Sounds like a great way to celebrate the day!!


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