Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baby S: 23 Weeks

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What fruit/vegetable are you? Papaya

Due date:  1/3/16

How far along:  23 weeks

Next appointment:   October 8thfor my Glucose test/ 27 week appt. AND it is my last appointment before starting to go every 2 weeks.. time is really starting to fly!

Total weight gain/loss 10 lbs! So 15lbs total and Molly weighs 1.2lbs. I know ten sounds like a lot of weight in a month but that’s 2 lbs a week and given the fact I hadn’t gained for almost 20 weeks my doctor said this is totally normal and right on track for a healthy pregnancy.

Exercise: Hiking with Eddie and prenatal yoga classes on the weekends. I am loving the change of my gym routine and exploring our area together!

Stretch marks: Before I lost my 60 lbs at the beginning of my weight loss journey I had strectch marks from my weight gain. Over time they have faded but now that my belly is growing I am noticing the old faded marks becoming more visible again. I am thankful there are no new ones as of now and I am hoping to keep it that way!

Swelling: Yes. This has become an issue for me when I am sitting upright for too long (long car rides, desk, etc) and we unforuntately had to leave the baseball game early due to horrible hip pain and swelling. We have a long car ride coming up in a few weeks and my doctor suggested stopping every hour or so to get out and walk for a bit to avoid further hip discomfort and for swelling to wear compression socks. Man I am a hottie!

Maternity clothes: I am OBSESSED with Target’s pants you can wear out in public but feel like sweats. I have no clue what they’re really called but I am LIVING in them.

 These are the three pairs I am currently rotating (don't worry they do not come above my ankles!) and I definitely plan on buying more in the future. They'll be perfect post delivery as well.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases or Gifts? Molly's curtains! Although there is still a lot to do in her room it feels much more complete with her curtains hung.


Sleep: Terrible this week. I was up every night again for multiple hours mostly due to the fact I was worried about Max (our Shih Tzu) who suddenly developed an ulcer on his eye Tuesday night. The vet is hopeful it will clear up with medicine but I was just so concerned with him all week I couldn’t sleep.

Food cravings:  Olive garden salad and hot chocolate

Food aversions:  None, just the smell of BBQ/burning charcoal

Symptoms: Hormonal acne has come back yet again and overstayed its welcome as well as anxiety. I have found myself having waves of worry about labor and delivery, becoming a parent, if we will be good parents, etc. 

What I'm looking forward to:   The start of my 10 week Prenatal Yoga class next week!

Best moment this week:  Late Saturday afternoon I was able to get the last prenatal massage appointment of the day. After a really rough week I felt like it may help me relax and hopefully sleep better.


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