Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Baby S: 22 Weeks

Catch Up on Previous Baby S Updates!

What fruit/vegetable are you? Spaghetti Squash which seems HUGE to me!

Due date:  1/3/16

How far along:  22 weeks

Next appointment:  Next Wednesday for my 23 week appointment

Total weight gain/loss:  5 lbs total (I’m sure this will change when I get weighed next week)

--> After speaking with my doctor, Eddie and my mom I have made the decision to stop attending my Tabata classes until after Molly is here. As sad as I am to stop going it was becoming increasingly more difficult to modify everything and the entire class is very up and down which was also becoming troublesome for me. Instead I have signed up for a 10 week Prentatal Yoga class which starts 9/12 and I can’t wait! In addition to Yoga I will be doing spin and walking, all low impact workouts from here on out but still moving and sweating.

Stretch marks: Not yet, lets keep it that way body

Swelling: My fingers and feet swelled a few times this week, I am blaming the humidity because it came back with avengance in the earlier part of the week. WHERE IS THE FALL WEATHER!?

Maternity clothes: Labor Day sales got me in a BIG way this week. I bought myself 2 pairs of maternity jeans, 4 shirts (3 tee shirts, 2 tanks) and 3 pairs of dressier but super comfortable pants. I also put my winter coat, ew, on hold because I got a coupon for $30 “Bump Bucks” at Motherhood Maternity for having spent so much so I’ll pick that up at the end of the month. I have to say Jessica Simpsons maternity line at Motherhood Maternity (which is also carried at Macy’s!) is my new favorite thing.

 I picked up this entire outfit at Motherhood Maternity, yay sales!

I ended up skipping out on the shorts but I did get the tank. I figured I could layer it throughout the fall and winter.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases or Gifts? Yes! We got Molly’s dressers this week. One was a total impulse buy at Home Goods and I am absolutely in love with the piece I know it’s something she will have and use for years to come. The other dresser is this piece from Ikea which will also double as her changing table. 

Her nursery is quickly becoming my favorite place in our home and I am finding myself spending more and more time in there, sometimes for no reason at all.
And YES I do plan on doing an entire post when the nursery is completely finished but that won’t be until after my baby shower is at the end of October.

Sleep:  Insomnia came back in a big way this week. I spent most nights up between the hours of 2am-430 am, easily my least favorite part of being pregnant.

Food cravings:  Greek yogurt with granola, Hot Chocolate, coleslaw, candy corn and French onion soup

Food aversions:  Nothing!

-Round ligament pain in my lower abdomen area, which is slightly uncomfortable especially if I get up or turn too quickly.
--> My skin has suddenly become as dry as a desert, there is not enough lotion in this house to make it come back to life!

Movement:  Much bigger and more constant kicks this week. With every day that passes I feel her more and more it’s amazing.

What I'm looking forward to:  Going to our last baseball game of the season next week! I can’t wait to compare my bump pictures from 15-20-23 weeks while cheering on the Mets.

Best moment this week:  There were a few:
-Eddie felt Molly kick for the very first time and seeing his face light up with excitement was definitely my favorite moment so far of this pregnancy, outside of finding out I was pregnant and that we were having a girl. I think it made things a little more real to him.

-My mom joined us for our follow up anatomy scan and it was so special to have her there with us. She never had ultrasounds when she was pregnant with me or my sister so it was her first time seeing one, it was a great day!

-Shopping with Eddie for furniture for Molly’s bedroom and moving pieces around to make sure they were just where I wanted them. Poor Eddie wasn’t too thrilled with me that day.


  1. Cute stuff! I cleaned up at Motherhood Maternity as well and can't wait to use my bumpbucks as well - I have mine dog marked for a coat as well! I have finally did the switch in the closet of pre-maternity v maternity (though some pre-maternity stuff still fits yay!) The only thing I haven't purchased are shoes - some people go up a size (my mom did) but so far no feet swelling. I'd hate to buy new boots. I am so antsy to get started on the nursery!

  2. Cute clothes!! Prenatal Yoga sounds really fun (coming from the girl without a spaghetti squash in her stomach). I hope to like these things when I get pregnant, so all of it sounds so great to me!


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