Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Baby S: 19 Weeks

Sorry for the lack of posts, I am on a mini vacation at my parents house and going away this weekend but I couldn't miss my Baby S update!

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What fruit/vegetable are you? Tomato

Due date:  1/3/16

How far along:  19 weeks, Every Sunday is a new week for me.

Next appointment:  September 1 for another ultra sound, more on that below

Total weight gain/loss:  5 lbs! My doctor said for 19 weeks, 5 days that’s great because most people are up 8-12 lbs by then

Exercise: Long walks were my main form of exercise this week. I am spending the next two weeks in Maryland at my parents and I have a long weekend in Rhode Island in between those so I took it easier on myself/body and prepped for those instead.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases or Gifts? All of my recent Zulily orders for Molly finally came in but otherwise nothing I haven't shared before!

Sleep: Back to waking up several times during the night but this week it was solely to go to the bathroom. I was up 4-5 times every night, TORTURE!

Food cravings:  Cole slaw, hummus and potatoes.  
Fun fact: I haven’t eaten hummus in 2 or 3 years until this week and now it’s a constant staple in my diet.

Food aversions:  Same old, plain chicken and BBQ smell

Symptoms: Round ligament pain started this week along with lower back pain on and off, fun times.

Movement:  At the ultrasound the tech confirmed what I have been thinking, I have an anterior placenta, which is very common but can cushion any sort of movement I may feel. My doctor also told me at my appointment that it’s completely normal for first time moms to not feel much at this point but by my next appointment when I am 23-24 weeks I should be feeling her a lot more. She also said it’s still early on and Molly’s small so that’s also why I only feel a few kicks/jabs here and there.

What I'm looking forward to:  Spending the next week at my parents house for a mini vacation with Eddie and going to Rhode Island for a girlie bachelorette weekend!

Best moment this week:  Our ultrasound appointment! We spent an entire hour just looking at our little Molly Rae and it was incredible. I haven’t had an ultrasound since 10 weeks so SO much changed over that time. Unfortunately little Molly is stubborn like her momma and wasn’t moving around enough into positions where the tech could see everything ( even after me jogging and doing jumping jacks in the office)  I have to go back in 3 weeks so they can see her kidneys, ankles and the umbilical cord attachment. When I first heard this it definitely make me worry a bit, especially about the UC but my doctor assured me if they thought something was wrong they wouldn’t wait three weeks to bring me back. She said sometimes it’s easier to see everything when they’re a little bigger. We did find out that Molly has a strong heartbeat (150 BPM) and already loves sucking her thumb!