Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baby S: 18 Weeks

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What fruit/vegetable are you? Sweet Potato

Due date:  1/3/16

How far along:  18 weeks, Every Sunday is a new week for me.

Next appointment:  August 13th is my 20 week ultrasound the hospital I am going to be delivering at (That was weird to type) and August 14th is my 20 week OB appointment because I will be out of town the following week so having it 2 days early wasn’t a problem according to my doctor.

Total weight gain/loss:  As of now nothing. By August 14th I am sure that will change.

Exercise: I made it to two Tabata classes in addition to my daily walks. Still haven’t hit my weekly 4 class goal but this will be a lot easier come September as August is the busiest month we’ve had so far.

Stretch marks: Not yet

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases or Gifts? My aunt and uncle sent us the most adorable bathrobe for Molly. It was a total surprise and I was so excited when I opened the package. Eddie and I sat on the couch talking about how we can’t believe our daughter is going to be wearing this in a few short months. It just doesn’t seem real.

Sleep:  Best week of sleep yet! I ordered some Earth Mama, Angel Baby Peaceful Tea from Amazon earlier in the week as a replacement for my sleepy time tea I drank pre-pregnancy and I swear it has helped me not only relax but sleep much deeper. I have made it a little ritual to climb into bed, read one of my books while sipping this tea every night and it is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day.

Food cravings:  Honeycrisp apples or apple slices,Potatoes either mashed or as fries, crunchy snacks like pretzels or crunchy chocolate cookies (Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies are my favorite)

Food aversions:  Red Meat, BBQ, Raw/Plain Chicken aka same old thing

Symptoms:  Hormonal anxiety- This is something I have always had when it came to PMS and I dealt with a lot in the first trimester. For some reason it came back in full swing the earlier part of this week and stayed for 2-3 days. Thankfully I know the cause of it and can usually self soothe/talk myself out of it but hormonal anxiety is by far my least favorite symptom to date.

Nesting BIG time. I cannot seem to get anything clean or organized enough these days and Eddie is ready to kill me I’m sure haha. I just find myself looking around and wanting everything GONE, I spent one morning reorganizing our guest room/office and threw away so many things, it felt amazing. I also want to go through my closet put everything that doesn’t fit into boxes, toss out most of my shoes (they are never worn) and start over. Oy!

Movement:  I am still not 100% sure but I think I have been feeling little kicks/jabs/flutters. I am hoping to talk to the ultrasound tech about this next week.


What I'm looking forward to:  My anatomy scan and my 20 week OB appointment next week. I cannot believe I am almost halfway through my pregnancy already!  I cannot wait to meet our little girl in January.

Best moment this week:  Max wanted to climb into Molly's crib and he spent a decent amount of time napping in there while I folded laundry and then later in the week I found him curled up in my Snoogle which I had taken out of our room because I was heading out of town for the night and I can't leave home without it!


  1. I'm a terrible virtual friend. I remember when I used to stay up on your blog on the daily, and now I'm finding out that you are pregnant, and it's probably old news. BUT I want to say congrats and I'm so excited for you. Being a parent is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. Wishing you the best.

  2. So exciting!! That bathrobe is adorable. I love shopping for baby clothes!!