Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Baby S: 16 Weeks

Catch up on previous Baby S updates!

What Fruit are you? Avocado ( I always forget this is a fruit )

Due date:  1/3/16

How far along:  16 weeks, Every Sunday is a new week for me.

Next appointment:  We had our 16 week appointment on Tuesday. Molly’s heartbeat was 153 BPM and the PA said that is perfect for where I am, then she said she sounds like a “happy baby in there!” Whether she could really tell that or not doesn’t matter, it made me feel great. After our appointment I was given a referral to schedule my next Ultrasound/NT scan (I think that is what it’s called?) so I have that booked for August 13th and cannot wait to see our baby girl. By the time we see her it will have been 10 weeks since our last US and so much has changed.

Total weight gain/loss:  So I know I said I lost 5lbs in the first trimester. Honestly, I do not know where I pulled that number from because when I was weighed at this appointment she said I haven’t gained anything except the 1lb I lost back at my 10 week appointment. Wishful thinking? Who knows but I am happy that I haven’t gained any weight thus far.

Exercise:  I was back in Tabata this week and it felt great, my muscles are still not too thrilled with me for pushing them but I am back in my routine, with modifications and loving it.

Maternity clothes:  I wore the Mets shirt I mentioned in last weeks update to the game on Monday and it was so comfortable! We have two more games this season, one in August and one in September so I can't wait to compare my bump in them all!

I ordered two dresses off of Zulily this week for an upcoming bachelorette weekend in August/rehearsal dinner in September. For the price I figured it was better to pick them up now rather than wait until last minute and stress myself out. Here’s hoping they look good when they get here.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases?  I designed and ordered my baby shower invites on Sunday because Zazzle was having an insane sale! Although the shower isn’t until the end of October it’s nice to have one more to-do crossed off the list.

Sleep: I spent almost every night falling asleep by 10:30 pm then waking up from 2:30-4:30 then sleeping again until 7:30. It sucks.

Food cravings:  Cold Honeycrisp apples, Synder’s Cheddar pretzel bites

Food aversions:  Raw/grilled/plain chicken, smell of BBQ/charcoal, red meat

Symptoms: I feel like this week was a symptom-heavy week. First off my skin has reverted itself back to my teenage years. I have been dealing with some pretty bad breakouts since the very beginning of this pregnancy and this week it came back and has been the worst yet. My entire face is broken out at the moment and I have been struggling with my self-esteem due to that but it will pass.
   My lower back has also been bothering me a decent amount. It’s easily thrown out of whack so the chairs at the baseball game Monday aggravated it and the discomfort continued on and off for the rest of the week. I am trying to incorporate some light stretching into my daily routine in hopes of avoiding this from happening the next 5 months.

Movement: My OB told me that I have a very long torso so Molly has a lot of extra room to grow and move which means it may be awhile before I actually feel her. I’ll admit I was kind of bummed when she said that but she quickly followed it with “It means you’ll have a much easier delivery.” To which Eddie and I both audibly cheered. I can’t wait until I feel her moving all around, even if it means discomfort for me I’ll be glad to know it means our little girl is happy and healthy.

What I'm looking forward to:  FALL. We had two really hot days this week, one was at the game on Monday and I was absolutely miserable. I can’t believe how easily I am affected by the heat these days, bring on cooler weather and football.

Best moment this week: Having a great appointment and hearing her strong heartbeat. So far pregnancy has been tough on me in the sense that I don’t know what’s really going on because I can’t see or feel her yet but I am hoping that will change in the next 2-3 weeks.


  1. You look fabulous! I also change weeks on Sundays, have been averse to raw and grilled chicken, and have broken out like crazy! Hopefully you feel her soon. The movement is definitely the best part. Just stopping by to spread some SPA love =)

  2. I also have a long torso. You will feel movement very soon. I did at 18 weeks. Felt like someone tickling me and just intensified every day after that. It's amazing. You look great

  3. Wishing you all the best! You look adorable!