Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Baby S: 15 Weeks

I am so excited to start sharing weekly Baby S updates with all of you. Part of me wishes I had been documenting my pregnancy all along just for my own memories but I can't change the past so lets just focus on the now and the future. Every Sunday marks a new week for me so my updates will be posted on Tuesdays. I will be posting these a week behind so right now I am 16 weeks but I am sharing my 15 week update that way I have all of the details for the week in these posts.

I hope you guys enjoy these as much I will love sharing them!

What Fruit are you? Orange

Due date:  1/3/16

How far along:  15 weeks, Every Sunday is a new week for me.

Next appointment:   Our 16 week appointment is next Tuesday and I can't wait 

Gender:  It’s a GIRL! And her name is Molly Rae. When I was little, I had Molly the American Girl doll and have always loved the name so when I found out that is a family name on Eddie’s side I knew it was meant to be. Ray (Raymond) was my Poppa’s name and I've known I've wanted to honor him in some way with my children my entire life.
 We decided having a "y" in her first and middle name was too much so we changed it to an "e" and we think it's perfect.

 My poppa and I, I think I was 2 or 3 in this picture.

Total weight gain/loss:  Not weighing myself at home but at my last appt. (12 weeks) I was up 1 lb from the 5 lbs. I lost in the first trimester.

Exercise: FINALLY got myself back in the gym this week after a three week hiatus due to feeling sick and traveling.  I went to my favorite spin class and it felt amazing. I found myself having to make some slight modifications like slowly getting in and out of the saddle but other than that everything went great!
I am so happy to feel more like myself again.

Stretch marks: Nope          

Swelling: Nope

Maternity clothes:  I bought myself two pairs of gym pants from Target. I wore my usual gym pants to spin and was uncomfortable the entire time so I knew I had to move into maternity pants going forward. 
I also picked up a Mets shirt because we are going to the game on Monday (last night) and have another in August, plus I knew Eddie would really appreciate it being that he's the Mets fan in the family.

Belly button:  In

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases? Little Molly is a very spoiled little girl already. Ever since I found out we were having a little girl at 11 weeks I have been picking up outfits almost every other week. It’s so hard to resist all of the cute dresses and pants with ruffle butts! The best part of having a baby due in early January is we are able to get clothes for every season at a discount. Below are just a few of the outfits I picked out from Carter’s when I was visting my mom and dad over 4th of July weekend.

Sleep: I have always been a terrible sleeper and pregnancy has only made things worse. Currently my sleep changes nightly. I usually get up 2-3 times to pee depending on how late in the day I drink water. The snoogle has definitely become my best friend, especially now that I am no longer allowed to sleep my back, I love it!

Food cravings:  French onion soup, cold apple slices or honey crisp apples, peaches-yellow not white, and peanut butter and jelly. But Thursday night I had not one but two dreams about donuts and for someone who has never really been into them I HAD to have one. Eddie, being the amazing husband he is brought home not just one, but a dozen for us to share.

Food aversions: (this is hard for me to even type because the thought is gag inducing) Raw or grilled chicken and the smell of BBQ/charcoal

Symptoms:  I suffered from some pretty bad headaches the beginning of this week and after a lot of internet research I figured out it was from lack of protein. 
I have been struggling with that a lot this pregnancy, meat of any kind just doesn't sound appealing. Thankfully I had black beans on hand and have been making taco salads almost daily for lunch and it's been saving me these last few days.

Movement:  I’m not sure, I think so but being that this is my first baby I don’t know what I am looking for.

What I'm looking forward to:  Hearing Molly’s heartbeat at our appointment  next week. And my bump really “popping”. Right now I feel like I look like I’ve eaten
too much/ have a beer belly.

Best moment this week: Putting together the crib, well watching Eddie do it, that was a hand me down from our neighbor back home AND getting a new car! I have needed a bigger, safer car for awhile and we finally bit the bullet and got ourselves a 2015 Honda CR-V, so far we are loving it.


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I just had my first little one in March. It's so amazing. If you're concerned about protein intake and love peanut butter, what about adding powdered peanut butter to smoothies? I like that for adding some extra plant based protein. {You could do regular too of course, I just like that the powdered is lower in overall calories so I don't make a 800 calorie smoothie, haha}. I also craved apples at the beginning, esp when I was feeling sick! Looking forward to reading your updates.

  2. Hi! I am so excited to read about all of your updates. I am pregnant too – about a month behind you! I am posting anonymously because I haven't announced yet! I am 10 weeks. I know you said you wished you could have documented everything from the beginning, but what about a first trimester recap? I also cannot stand the sight of raw meat (I can cook with it but at the grocery store, I have to avoid the meat department because it makes me gag) and cigarette smoke makes me want to cry (which in NYC is hard to avoid). Also, hearing the heartbeat is such a wonderful sound. Congrats again!

  3. I would also like a recap. How long did you try for, how did you find out. How did you celebrate? You are on the ball with baby prep!

  4. Why did you have genetic testing done?