Monday, July 27, 2015

A Weekend Full of Food and Films

Oh Monday you always show up too soon. But lets relive the weekend in hopes of next weekend coming just a little bit faster.


After a really productive day at work I treated myself to Happy Hour.
Happy Hour Tabata that is. 

 I came thisclose to skipping class for the simple fact I was feeling lazy and my two gym buddies I take all my classes with weren't going to be there so I felt I didn't need to be.
Thankfully one of my best friends gave me the push I needed and I thought to myself  "I'm not just working out for me anymore," and that was all I needed to get out the door! Even with all of my current modifications I was able to burn 600 calories and felt amazing after.


I spent the morning relaxing and watching Parks and Recreation on TV. Around noon I decided it was time for an adventure so I headed to Fairfax which is about 30 minutes from us to check out the store Kirkland's
 Needless to say, as soon as I walked in I fell in love. It didn't help that the entire store was decorated for Fall aka my favorite season. 

 I left the store with this S for our front door because my summer wreath is becoming faded from the sun and it just looks sad. 

I also picked up a pink "C" tumbler specifically for the car because none of my beloved VS Pink water bottles fit in the cup holder and it makes me crazy. I have a thing for water bottles and tumblers, I collect them like I collect mugs... it's a problem.

Saturday night Eddie and I went out for a little impromptu date night at Tazza Kitchen which was a restaurant I stumbled upon earlier in the week.

 Although we didn't sit there, I loved the look of the bar. So much so I sent it to my mom letting her know we were coming during her next visit.

We started off with appetizers, guacamole for me and brick oven nachos for him. 

I fill up pretty quickly these days but that didn't stop me from ordering dinner because I knew it would turn into lunch the next day. I got the prosciutto & arugula pizza and Eddie got the steak with peppercorn potatoes.

Both meals surpassed our expectations and I cannot wait to go back!


I originally planned to spend the day at the pool but once I stepped outside and felt just how hot it was my plans quickly changed to hiding in the AC. The heat gets to me so quickly these days, just walking to and from the car I start sweating and my energy is zapped. Yay Summer!

 While watching Crazy, Stupid Love I decided to try my hand at baking. For those of you who may not know, I loathe baking for the simple fact that you have to measure everything perfectly otherwise your cake won't rise or your cookies will suck.
I prefer cooking for the simple fact you can season as you please and it always works out one way or another.

I followed this recipe I found on Pinterest and it turned out better then expected. The entire house smelled like banana bread which was a nice added bonus which led me to googling " Banana Bread Candles." Yea I'm weird.

I spent the afternoon doing housework and watching the Mets beat the Dodgers before getting in the kitchen again to make us dinner. My cooking entertainment was "Wedding Crashers," oldie but a goodie!

Another Pinterest find, this Gnocchi with summer veggies dish was TO.DIE.FOR, we paired it with sausage that Eddie grilled up and both of us were oohing and ahhing throughout our entire meal. We will definitely be having this one again before Summer is over.

The night ended on the couch watching Big Brother and eating 2 of these bad boys.

 Big Brother fans, what the hell is Austin thinking? That Battle of the Block competition left Eddie and I both stressed out. Can't wait for Wednesday!


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