Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Favorites Friday #2

What. A. Week. For the first time in awhile we had something going on every day or night this week: Baseball game, 16 week appointment and then I spent most of my day yesterday in Balitmore which I'll talk more about at another time. For now, it's time to share my 5 favorites of the week!

woats Cookies 'n' Dreams

I first discovered these on the Instagram account "TargetDoesItAgain" and when I finally remembered to grab them on my recent trip there I was glad I did. These oat clusters are soft, chewy and the perfect addition to any yogurt or ice cream bowl, and just as good on their own.
They have a few other flavors as well but I haven't had a chance to try them as they are always out of stock!

CAM- Burning House

Since moving to Virginia I listen to a lot more country music then I did before and lately I am obsessed with two songs: Sam Hunt- Take Your Time and Cam- Burning House. There is just something about this song I cannot get enough of. If you haven't heard it yet check it out below.

BeMaternity Active Capris from Target

I wore these for the first time to the baseball game Monday night and then to Tabata class Wednesday night (I have two pairs) and I must say these are amazing. I have lots of room for the bump to grow and this particular style comes up in the front but is low in the back so there is no additional back sweat. Any mommys-to-be that are looking for a great pair of workout pants at a reasonable price, check these out!

Chobani Kids Banana
I came across these about a month ago and they have been in our house ever since. As a child I LOVED gogurts and these remind me of a much healthier version of that beloved snack. At this point in time I cannot leave the house without a water bottle and snacks because once I get hungry I must eat right then and there so these have been a life saver!

Dalai Lama Quote

I posted this photo on my Instagram earlier this week and wanted to share it here with all of you.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Whoa. I need to find those Woats ASAP!

  2. Those Woats are dangerous. I randomly picked them up on sale in Target months ago and not joke, ate the entire bag in a day and a half. SO yummy.

  3. Ive been debating purchasing the woats... they look SO good! Think I need to try them :)