Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Home Decor!

Over the weekend I made a trip to Home Goods and Marshalls in hopes adding a few pops of color in our home for Spring. 
Turns out I had to hold myself back from buying almost everything that caught my eye! Right now both stores are chock full of all things nautical and while we don't have any sort of theme in our home I found myself wanting everything. It's the Long Island in me ;)

At first I wasn't sure the place mats I picked up were going to work with our curtains but I figured since both are navy and white it may work even with very different patterns. 
I added fake coral flowers and yellow candles to keep things from getting too matchy matchy in the way of color.

I absolutely love our bar but it is one of the hardest areas of our home for me to decorate. I'm not sure why but it haunts my dreams. So when I came across this print that had not only an alcohol themed quote but it was said by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw AND it was pink, I knew I had to have it.

I also picked up a light pink candle holder (top right) and added some fresh flowers from BJ's plus a few odds and ends that we already had and I think it worked out nicely. It doesn't feel done just yet, even though I have switched the arrangement several times before snapping this photo (Eddie thinks I am nuts) but hopefully I'll find peace at my bar soon.

Sticking with my love affair with anything bright/pink/coral I picked up two new hand towels for my bathroom. 
I love how they sit in between my nail polish racks and my turquoise towel dresser
 (had no idea what to call it)
It's a burst of color every time I walk in!
The "C" was on clearance for $2! Therefore it had to come home with me to sit upon my desk as a reminder that my name starts with C.
And who can resist brightly colored, mini mason jar citronella candles for the porch!?
Not me.

Our entire kitchen is white, appliances-counter tops-cabinets... I HATE IT. Not only does it look dirty 98% of the time, no matter how often I clean it (which is several times a day) it's just so... blah.
Lately I have added bits and pieces of bright color to break up the overwhelming amount of white. The dish towels are a welcome addition to the kitchen, even Eddie agrees!

And lastly we have the bedroom. Our bed, dressers and Eddie's desk are all black wood, our night stands and bedding is all grey so I was craving color in a big way.
I picked up the three pillows and blanket from Home Goods and the print from Marshalls, it still looks pretty boring to me but I am hoping to add more color to it soon!
If you have any suggestions/ideas please let me know.

I can't wait until we find our "forever home," I want paint on the walls and to decorate a place we plan to live in for more than a year. Plus after moving every year for 8 years I am OVER IT.

Hope you enjoyed this little peak into parts of our home.
Happy Monday!


  1. That wine print! I need need need!!!! <3 (Everything else is adorable too!)

  2. I'm obsessed with everything in Home Goods. I cannot leave without buying something. Great finds!