Monday, April 6, 2015

Riding Outside of My Comfort Zone

Two weeks ago after spin class my instructor announced that he would be hosting a 2 hour ride as a fundraiser for Multiple Myeloma, a cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell. Without thinking I immediately jumped at the opportunity to sweat for a cause. 

This past Saturday was the ride and although I thought about bailing last minute, I completed my challenge.
The ride was from 2-4pm, so I spent my time before hand mentally preparing myself for two hours in a spin class. There were many times that morning I told myself I couldn't do it and at one point I started to believe it.

Since the ride was held in our small cycling room at the gym I knew it would be warm so I wore my most scandalous Lulu Lemon tanks in hopes of keeping cool.

Around 1:30 I grabbed my shoes, water bottles and Polar FT7 and hit the road.

Thankfully I was able to get "my bike" and got myself situated with more than enough time before our 2pm start. I refused to sit on the bike any longer then I had to so I used my extra time to stretch and foam roll.

Right before the start our instructor handed out bracelets as a Thank You for our donation and participating in the ride. I put mine on immediately and used it as a source of motivation when I started to get tired.

The clock struck 2 and we were off! Before the ride I set three goals for myself:

1. Do it without dying
2. Complete 50 miles
3. Burn over 1,000 calories

Thankfully the majority of the two hour ride went by quickly, but around 3:40pm I started to get antsy. I knew I would physically be able to complete the ride but mentally I had checked out.

And then in what seemed like a flash our instructor announced that it was 4 pm and we were done! However I looked down at my bike and saw 45.5 miles and I was not happy. So everyone else was getting off their bikes and stretching but I kept peddling, I was not letting myself stop with just 5.5 miles left to my 50 mile goal.

It took an additional 9 minutes but I did it!

After all was said and done I was glad I participated in the ride, I even signed up for the next one.
It was a challenge but there is nothing more rewarding then the feeling of crossing the finish line, even if it isn't there ;)

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  1. This is so wonderful. My mom has multiple myeloma and I am a big supporter of the MMRF and ran Boston for them last year. Thank you so much for bringing more awareness and for participating in such an important event!