Thursday, April 2, 2015

If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Sitcker On it...

I have shared my love for my Erin Condren Life Planner here on the blog a few times but I have never told you about my other love, stickers.

Yes, I am a 29 year old woman who loves stickers. I use them for almost everything in my planner and I blame the We Love EC facebook group for this obsession. Although I do not have a collection like many others in the group, I have found myself making several purchases on Etsy over the past few weeks and I wanted to share the love for those of you who may be as sticker obsessed as I am!

I have been following Ms.Wenduhh's blog for awhile now and when I found out she was opening and Etsy shop I knew I would have to place an order. I am always on the hunt for cute telephone stickers as my job involves a lot of calls. I love how tiny these phones are and the pastel colors are perfect for spring!
I am using the envenlopes to mark when I receive a package from a company, my StitchFix boxes (which I have placed on hold for this month) or when I need to send something to someone. Cute reminders = the best reminders!

Another bonus of ordering from Etsy shops is that most, not all, include extras. How cute are those glitter hearts!? Perfect for To-Do check lists!

Next up is my order from Lily Grove Designs. I found this shop when I was searching for pizza stickers. Sunday is date night in our house, we try to make an effort to go to a new restaurant in our area every weekend but more often then not we find ourselves on the couch with pizza binging on Netflix or watching a movie.

The ovals are perfect for marking appointments or layering with other stickers, therefore the purchase is justified.

UPDATE: Lily Groves Designs contacted me and is offering 15% off your entire order to my readers! Use coupon code "JKS15" at checkout

How adorable are these extras? I used the sneaker before taking this picture but I love the variety of stickers she included in my order.

My order from Sweet Kawaii Designs seems a little all over the place but there is a reason for each and every one of these little cuties.
-Nailpolish: Manicure Days
-Gym Bags & Water Bottles: Workouts
-Chinese Takeout: For the Sundays we don't have pizza
-Homes: We are starting the search for our first home purchase,which will hopefully happen by the Fall. As this is a big step for us I want to mark it in my planner!

These were the extras included in my order. Unfortunately I won't be able to use the test sticker but I'd love some ideas on how to use the cute poop one! (there is a sentence I never thought I'd write)

Last but not least, my order from Hello Ashley Ann. I picked up two sheets of the pastel gym bags after seeing someone else using them on Instagram. My workouts are the one consistent thing I mark in my planner besides work meetings/calls and I am always looking for new stickers to track my calories burned. I plan on using the sneakers to mark my workouts as well. It may seem like I have more than enough stickers for my classes at this point but I am in the gym 6 days a week, these little babies will be gone before I know it.

And the grocery bags are pretty self explanatory ;)

The extras in my Hello Ashley Ann order are tied with Lily Grove as the best ones I have received. They are almost too cute to use!

Here is a little sneak peak at how I've used some of my purchases this week:

The first half of my week has been filled with workouts, phone calls and TV binging.
Not a bad start to the week if you ask me!

If you are interested in picking up a life planner for yourself they are currently 40% off for 2015 planners and the 2016 LP's will be released in early June. You can sign up using my link to receive an additional $10 off your first order!

Happy Planning


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