Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FitBit Flex VS Polar FT7

Over the weekend I decided to start wearing my FitBit Flex that I recieved in my PopSugar Target Must Have Box (what a mouthful) back in January. 

Since I've started working from home I have noticed that I am moving less, even if I am getting to the gym 5 times a week. So I have challenged myself to 10k steps a day.

Sunday was my first day using my FitBit flex and although it was a rest day from the gym I was inspired to move more. The dogs and I went on 4 long walks and although I missed my goal for the day it was even more of a push for Monday.

Yesterday was day 2 and I wasn't sure if I wanted to include my workout towards my 10k steps goal until I saw how hard it was to get there. I took 2 work breaks to walk the dogs and I couldn't even break 4,000 steps before my class. By the end of the day, even with my hour long Tabata class I was under my goal and under Sunday's total steps.

I am still wearing my Polar FT7 during my workouts because wearing a chest strap is really the only way to accurately monitor your heart rate/get total calories burned, However I hated wearing both of them during class. 
At first I had them both on my left wrist, but at some point during our warm up the FitBit shut my Polar off and I lost 15 minutes of my burn. I decided to then put one on each wrist which not only looked silly, it didn't feel great on my wrists during burpees.

For this very reason I want a Polar A300. It is the Fitbit and Polar heart rate monitors all in one. You have the option to add a chest strap for your workouts or use it without and you can change the wristbands as you please. If I had the extra $180 I would order one of these today, it's the perfect fitness watch for all of my needs!

Santa, can you hear me?

Do you use a FitBit or Polar?
Which do you prefer?


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