Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My First Stitch Fix!

It took me almost a year but I have finally hopped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon!

Before I get to the items I received I wanted to give you a few tidbits of information:

1. Stitch Fix is a $20 subscription service that sends you 5 pieces of clothing/accessories hand picked by your stylist
2. You choose how often you want to receive your box, whether it's monthly, every other month or every 3
3. Your items are picked for you based on a style quiz, which I found to be very thorough, as well as your Pinterest boards and the notes you leave for your stylist
4. You only buy the items you want to keep and mail back the rest (they send you a prepaid mailing envelope)

I am in no way a fashion blogger but in an effort to change things up around here I figured I would share my first "fix" and if it is something you would like me to continue sharing, leave a comment below telling me so!

Oh, and I love taking selfies but having someone else photograph me, even if it's my own husband is pure torture so forgive me for the awkward pics below.

Okay, lets get into my February Stitch Fix!

I told my stylist Kristen I was traveling to Jamaica in the beginning of March and would like some pieces for my trip. In the note she wrote me she not only told me how to style my pieces but when they would be most appropriate to wear on our trip.

1. 41Hawthorn- Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress (Kept)
This dress fit me perfectly. It hugs in the right places and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, I have nothing like it in my closet currently so it was a very welcome addition!

2. Romolo-Starla Ornate Collar Necklace (Returned)

I loved the colors and design of this statement necklace but I have too many similar pieces on my jewelry wall already, so back it went.

3. 41Hawthorn- Teresa Colorblocked Sleeveless Blouse (Returned)
I LOVED this tank, again I don't have anything like it in my closet but it was a little too small and the slits on the side showed my skin which wasn't very flattering. Had it been a little longer I definitely would have kept it.

4. THML- Haleburg Knit Tank (Returned)

I went back and forth on keeping this tank top over the last few days. When I paired it with this bright yellow cardigan I loved it but for the price tag I felt it was better to let it go (let it go, can't hold me back anymoreeee..sorry Frozen just follows me everywhere)

5. Mavi- Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean (Returned)

I loved these jeans but again they were just a little too small for me. #ThickThighsProblems I loved the color as well as the distressed look so it was unfortunate they didn't fit. However, jeans is just one of those things I don't think someone can pick for me, I am extremely picky in that department and I have a decent amount of junk in trunk... just sayin'

Overall I loved my first Stitch Fix box and I am getting another one in March. My stylist definitely listened to my requests and paid attention to my Pinterest boards which I appreciate. I can't wait to see what comes next month!

Click here if you would like to try Stitch Fix, this is not a sponsored review but I will get a referral credit if you do sign up. 
(Everyone gets one)


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