Monday, February 16, 2015

Feeling The Love

I hope you all had (or for some, are still having) a great weekend!


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I got a call from my Optometrist bright and early that my new glasses were ready so Eddie and I took a little trip down to Woodbridge [30 minutes south of Alexandria] to pick them up and while we were there we stopped at Wegman's. I have done our food shopping there a few times but it was Eddie's first time and he loved it as much as I do. It seems silly to have a favorite food store but Long Island doesn't have the greatness that is Wegman's therefore we have fallen in love.
While we were there I came across a new-to-me veggie, Kalettes, which are a mash up of brussels sprouts and kale. I am having these this week along side my mini buffalo chicken meatloaves I made during meal prep on Sunday.

When we returned home from our mini AM adventure my very first Stitch Fix was waiting for me!

Stay tuned for a full review of the box later this week!
I spent my Friday night like any rockstar would, in bed reading the new issue of InStyle magazine (Kerry Washington is pure perfection FYI) while listening to the Peaceful Piano playlist on spotify.
I know, I am the coolest human.


I got my booty in the gym nice and early for a marathon workout. I started out with a Spin class which was by far the WORST class I have ever taken. Since moving to VA I have definitely made myself try many different workouts with different instructors and in my 6 years of consistent fitness classes I can honestly say this woman was the worst instructor I have ever encountered. 

I clearly hate the color pink

For starters she left the lights on, not a big deal but I've become accustomed to the blacklight spin life and I am addicted to it. Secondly, she spent more time off of the bike than on it. That time she spent off if it she was going around the room pointing people out and telling them what they were doing wrong. Some people may find this helpful but she came over to me within the first five minutes and told me my arms were bouncing to much while we were out of the saddle ( forgetting the fact that I told her before class the bike was not only broken but the handlebar was shaky because the screw couldn't be tightened enough to stabilize it)  and it completely threw me out of my desire to be there.

I got through 45 of the 60 minutes before walking out. After the Spin Disaster of 2015 I spent a few minutes stretching in the sauna before taking a 30 minute ab class followed by boxing. I ended up burning almost 1,400 calories and left the gym feeling very accomplished.

So accomplished that I decided a trip to Ulta was well deserved. I haven't tried new makeup in a long time and I decided to stock up on a bunch of new items.

I used the Urban Decay NAKED foundation and concealer later that night for Valentine's Date night and it was incredible. Full, weightless coverage that didn't make my skin look like I had any makeup on it at all. Even Eddie complimented how great it looked.

Clearly I needed another nail polish so I picked up "This Color's Making Waves" from the new OPI Hawaii line, simply because I have nothing like it in my ever-growing collection and because Ulta doesn't have the Essie spring line out yet. P.S if your a polish addict and you haven't seen it yet, don't look it up for your wallets sake.

I was starving after Ulta so I made my way over to Trader Joe's,  because shopping on an empty stomach is always a good decision as you can see.

After errands and a much needed shower it was time to get ready for our date night!

Working from home + working out all the time I rarely put real clothes on anymore. It was fun to get "dressed up" and put makeup on and do my hair for once, you know, like a real girl?

Every Valentine's Day Eddie and I make cards, it's a tradition we started when we were first dating and although I hate crafts I look forward to it every year.

 Eddie may have the crafty side of the family but I've got the puns.


For the first time in years I overslept and missed my gym class. My body must have known it was -16 degrees out in addition to a nagging hip flexor pain I was glad it happened.

I took advantage of the extra sleep and used the pent up energy to clean the house, do laundry, meal prep and finish up my planner pages for last week/ pre-prep next weeks pages.

I will admit I was slightly bummed when I calculated last weeks calorie burn and realized I would have broken 5,000 if I had in fact gone to spin this morning but quickly got over it because my body needed the rest and more importantly, there is always this week!

I don't pre-plan too much for the current week because most of it is ever changing but appointments I know I am attending or can't change I put in on Sundays as well as my weekly "To Do" list.

VA Bloggers: Is anyone attending the Paint Nite in DC on Thursday? I'd like to but want to make sure there are others going before I sign up!

In hopes of Spring coming earlier than expected (we're getting our first major snow storm of the season here tonight) I did some spring cleaning in my closet.



It felt really good to give away a bag full of clothes and shoes and see my closet floor again!

We spent the night having Chinese take out on the couch while watching the SNL 40 special. For those of you who watched, what did you think? We absolutely loved it, the opening monologue was perfection and we laughed our entire way through until the very end.

How was your weekend?