Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Beginnings

Is it really October already?
Time seems to move faster and faster with each passing day, especially as of late.

With this new month brings many new beginnings for me. I am in my new home, in my new state (Virginia) and today I am starting a new job and *crosses fingers* joining a new gym.
I am setting new goals for myself as well. I want to blog 3-4 times a week like I have in the past as well as get back on track with daily vlogging over on my YouTube channel.

Today I wanted to share some pictures of our new home from move in day, we have unpacked our entire place since taking these photos but not everything has found its final resting place here just yet. I will definitely do an updated post once everything is finished!

Master Bathroom

 View from our front door, there were no lights when we moved in so some of the pictures are dark :(
 My bathroom/guest bathroom
 Living Room

 Dining Room



The dogs seem to be adjusting well, they're loving their new view and almost everyone in our complex seems to have a dog, so there are lots of new friends to bark at!

What is one goal you're setting for October?