Friday, October 3, 2014

Finding My New Fitness "Home"

One of the most difficult parts about moving for me was not leaving my friends, family or job, it was leaving my gym. It's no secret that I loved my classes and trainers there, it was my home away from home.

I started researching gyms down in Alexandria as soon as I knew I would be moving because working out is my therapy. There is nothing a sweat session cannot fix. After several weeks of searching online and reading reviews I decided to try a gym called "The Energy Club." 

I immediately fell in love with the location. The gym is tucked away inside a little village that is just off of the highway. It's so peaceful you forget you're just outside of a busy city.
The employees were all more then happy to show my mom and I around their gym, while asking us about our background. They didn't seem to be only concerned with our fitness background but who we were as individuals which was really comforting. 

What really drew me to this particular gym is the fact that it is privately owned, which is what I was also used to at home. It gives you a much more personal relationship with the trainers as well as the employees and I've found it allows you to build relationships that can carry on outside of the gym walls.

The first class I attended was Tabata. I was told the teacher was incredible and that he had just finished his third Ironman just last week! I have to admit that even though I am used to a tough workout regime 5-6 times a week this little fact about him intimidated me a bit. We were able to meet the instructor, Matt, before class and he was extremely sweet which made me feel a bit better.

Off we went to the rooftop of a 5 level car park where the class was taking place, and it was crowded! 

 The views were incredible and it made me feel like I was right back in Power X with my fitfam from back home :)

The class itself was T-O-U-G-H, but Matt was encouraging all of us to modify where we needed and to only worry about our own workout, not what anyone else was doing.
He even called both my mom and I out on several occasions and at the end of the class he came up to both of us and said how great we did with a BIG hug.

I knew right then and there that this would be the gym for me.
This is what I was used to.
This is what I needed.

And my calorie burn wasn't too shabby either ;)


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