Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Seven Weeks

This Thursday marks 7 weeks after my lateral release and knee surgery. 
9 days after surgery I got back in the gym doing some light lifting and a few minutes on a bicycle.

Once PT started I was working with them 2x a week in addition to doing "homework" and lifting/light bike riding in the gym.

Finally after two weeks [which I know in reality isn't long after knee surgery, but to me it was hell] of hard work in PT, the gym and at home, I was able to start spinning.

Spin has been a class I have hated for the longest time.
In the past I have walked out of several classes, not because the instructors weren't motivating but I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy the workout.

I'm not sure if its the fact that I can't do kickboxing or any other form of cardio that made me like spin but I did find a new appreciation for the workout in this process.

So much so that I have been spinning 4-5 times a week the last five weeks.

This past week in PT I conquered one of my biggest fears since surgery:

I have had 3 instances of "popping" in my IT band/quad from scar tissue since surgery. Each time is painful and I am left sore for days. Not fun.

So you can imagine the fear I felt when I was told to do box jumps last Thursday.
Thankfully my PT is amazing and encouraging and we took it really slow at first, on the smallest box. 
After a few jumps I moved up a level, then up another and by the end of our session I was leaping on and off of the tallest box they had.

Fast forward to Sunday, I woke up feeling ready to try Kickboxing. Which we all know is my go to/favorite workout.

I am definitely not as strong as I was 8 weeks ago but I made it through the class and kept up with everyone to the best of my ability and most importantly,without any issues.

This entire process has eye opening to me. I feel like I have handled it the best way I know how but being that I am an extremely impatient person it has been trying at times. There has been breakdowns, many tears but for every tear there has been a multitude of cheers. 
Milestones were met weeks ahead of time and I need to give myself credit for that.

My orthopedics told me 8-12 weeks recovery/PT and that it would be 6 months before I could jump/kickbox again.

I kickboxed 6 weeks post op and I was told last night that I only need 2 more PT sessions.

SEVEN WEEKS was all it took.
Motivation, determination and drive.
That's all you need to do anything you want.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! Way to dominate those box jumps!

  2. Wow, it is awesome that your recovery has been going so well. It is so true that if you have the motivation and determination you can do just about everything!

  3. Very cool. Great determination and inspiration!

  4. Great news! I'm glad that you are able to get back to the activities that you loved prior to the surgery!

  5. Congrats Carlyn! I'm so glad that your recovery has gone so well. :)

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