Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Seven Weeks

This Thursday marks 7 weeks after my lateral release and knee surgery. 
9 days after surgery I got back in the gym doing some light lifting and a few minutes on a bicycle.

Once PT started I was working with them 2x a week in addition to doing "homework" and lifting/light bike riding in the gym.

Finally after two weeks [which I know in reality isn't long after knee surgery, but to me it was hell] of hard work in PT, the gym and at home, I was able to start spinning.

Spin has been a class I have hated for the longest time.
In the past I have walked out of several classes, not because the instructors weren't motivating but I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy the workout.

I'm not sure if its the fact that I can't do kickboxing or any other form of cardio that made me like spin but I did find a new appreciation for the workout in this process.

So much so that I have been spinning 4-5 times a week the last five weeks.

This past week in PT I conquered one of my biggest fears since surgery:

I have had 3 instances of "popping" in my IT band/quad from scar tissue since surgery. Each time is painful and I am left sore for days. Not fun.

So you can imagine the fear I felt when I was told to do box jumps last Thursday.
Thankfully my PT is amazing and encouraging and we took it really slow at first, on the smallest box. 
After a few jumps I moved up a level, then up another and by the end of our session I was leaping on and off of the tallest box they had.

Fast forward to Sunday, I woke up feeling ready to try Kickboxing. Which we all know is my go to/favorite workout.

I am definitely not as strong as I was 8 weeks ago but I made it through the class and kept up with everyone to the best of my ability and most importantly,without any issues.

This entire process has eye opening to me. I feel like I have handled it the best way I know how but being that I am an extremely impatient person it has been trying at times. There has been breakdowns, many tears but for every tear there has been a multitude of cheers. 
Milestones were met weeks ahead of time and I need to give myself credit for that.

My orthopedics told me 8-12 weeks recovery/PT and that it would be 6 months before I could jump/kickbox again.

I kickboxed 6 weeks post op and I was told last night that I only need 2 more PT sessions.

SEVEN WEEKS was all it took.
Motivation, determination and drive.
That's all you need to do anything you want.


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