Thursday, May 22, 2014

Changes and Current Obsessions

Sooo I keep disappearing from here and then I keep finding myself feeling the need to apologize.
The truth is daily vlogging has kind of taken over my need to share everything on my blog, sad but true.

I'm not even sure what I should post here which is why I have been avoiding it for the most part but if I am being honest, I miss it. 

I'm starting to think JKS should become more of an everything blog VS just weight loss/fitness, however I don't want to change my name because I LOVE my blog name. Just Keep Sweating isn't just about working out, it's about NEVER GIVING UP in all aspects of life. 

Shit gets hard? 
Just Keep Sweating

I don't want to just post "reviews" on here because I think they're boring to write and even more boring for you to read. So, tell me, what would YOU like to see here? Or should I just give up blogging all together and stick to YouTube/Instagram.
On to the fun stuff..

I just launched a totally revamped Just Keep Sweating shop
With all new designs
I picked up a pink zip up hoodie for myself because I simply couldn't resist.

It's a light, terry cloth material... perfect for all seasons!

Second current obsession, MY PLANNER.

Confession: I am in several FB groups that are solely dedicated to planning and those ladies are so creative! I have been using my planner since I got it back in December, tracking my workouts, calories burned and what I am eating in addition to using it as a journal.
My latest addiction is adding quotes/stickers I've made to my weeks. I find it just adds even more life to it!
I found these from another blogger and since I don't have Avery sticker paper I am just printing them on regular paper, cutting and pasting them into my planner. 
It's a little more work but I find planning/journaling to be somewhat therapeutic so I don't mind the extra steps.
I can't wait to look back on this entire year on December 31st!

Last but not least, I am LOVING all of the sugar free gum options that are out there. These two are my favorites of the moment, the Cinnamon Roll specifically. HOLY YUM!
Totally curbs the "sweet" craving I get after lunch or dinner.

Okay, thats all for now.
See what happens when I don't blog for awhile? I ramble on and on.