Monday, April 7, 2014

What a Weekend!!

This weekend was the first one that felt like Spring.
After months of endless snow and freezing temperatures it was definitely welcomed with open arms and windows!
Friday night I discovered a new addiction, SCANDAL.
 I know I am almost 3 seasons late to the game but holy cannoli how did I go so long without Olivia Pope in my life!? The first two seasons are on Netflix and trust me you want to add it to your "Watch List" immediately!

Saturday started off with another great workout in Jump & Drill, which is a class offered at my gym that we do 10 minutes of jumping rope, 100 push ups, burpees in addition to kicking and punching drills. I have been taking it for 4 years and am amazed at how it still challenges me week after week!
I spent the rest of the day helping my mom Spring clean her house then decided to get all of my food shopping done and out of the way for the week!
I am also trying to build up our bar, slowly but surely, so I picked up two new to me red wines:
 If you've had/heard of either please let me know your thoughts!

Sunday was another kick ass workout. Abs, Arms and Kickboxing:

Followed by an impromptu brunch at my favorite local restaurant with two of my best girlfriends.

They must have put a little extra OOMPH in my omlette because when I got home I went into a serious Spring cleaning spree. I washed all of our garbage's [which just sounds strange to me] our Bathroom and kitchen, did 4 loads of laundry and did our floors. I love the feeling of going into a busy week with a spotless home, something about it just relaxes me.

After cleaning it was meal prep time, I was able to crank out 12 meals in under an hour, someone on twitter said it best," I am a MEAL PREP NINJA!"
I don't have to worry about lunches or dinners all week, all I need to do is reheat and eat! This really helps me stay on track with eating clean and healthy, leaving no room for error.

I decided to treat myself to a post meal prep beer on our docks while soaking up the last of the weekend sun. It was the perfect end to a busy and productive weekend.

How was your weekend?


    move in with me....

    (throws open front door)

  2. Can you come meal prep at my house? haha. I've had the red rocks wine before, it's very drinkable. Not amazing but a good buy for the price!