Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Body in Training

How many days left of winter?

Gees, I am so sick of this cold weather and the sight of snow is making me insane!

This past weekend I was in Maryland helping my sister shop for her wedding dress and noticed she had a scale in her bathroom [I don't own one as I don't really believe in living by the scale] so I hopped on and was shocked to find out I have lost 10 pounds this year.

I've made several subtle changes to my diet and fitness routine and it seems like it may actually be working.

I track ALL of my foods in my life planner as I have mentioned before as well as my workouts with calories burned. I have also changed up my routine a bit by introducing heavier weights and adding barre into my workouts. 
In addition to that I think that having weeks where I've worked out hard for 6 days followed by a week with 2-3 rest days and burning less has allowed my body not only to have proper rest and recovery time but to confuse my muscles which has aided in my weight loss.

None of this was premeditated or planned but I am happy that I have been enjoying myself and tracking my choices, whether fitness or eating related has worked in my favor!

Here are some eats from yesterday and this weekend:

 Skinnylicious Mexican Tortilla salad from Cheesecake Factory, we had to refuel for wedding dress shopping round two!

 Lunches for the week: Chicken salad made with avocado and celery on rice cakes.
 Dinners for the week: Loaded sweet potatoes, mexican style

 This morning I had a big bowl of Stonyfield Banilla [obsessed] yogurt with freshly sliced strawberries and a handful of Natures Path Dark Chocolate Macaroon granola.
It definitely started my day the right way :)

Last night I was back in the gym for the first time since Friday and it felt so good, I was genuinely excited to sweat, is that weird?


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