Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Major Detox Fail

Happy 2014!

  I can't believe it's taken me this long to post my body comparison pictures from 2012 VS 2013 and the last 4 years as I have done every New Years Eve. 2013 was a huge year for slacking off on my blog between wedding planning, moving, starting a new job and daily vlogging I just couldn't find the motivation to write.

My goal is [ as it has been for months] to get back on track and stay consistent with at least 2 posts a week, but don't hold me to it!

As you can see there aren't huge changes to my body from 12/31/12 to 12/31/13 and that is because as soon as the wedding was over I let myself stop caring so much about how healthy/clean I was eating as long as I kept up with my workouts. 

2010-2013 from left to right

I kicked off 2014 with a Kickboxing class that was unfortunately cut short due to a medical emergency [all is okay!] and a serious detox.

The detox was a program offered through my gym and it was meant to cleanse your liver and colon along with your body of all sugar and carbs.

No fruit, potatoes of any kind, beef or beans are allowed.
Which left me with chicken, vegetables and protein powder, because I don't eat seafood, turkey or pork.
I'm extremely picky with what I eat which tends to make meals difficult for me and why I avoid most "diets"

January 1/Day 1 I felt great and was ready to tackle all two weeks of this detox.

January 2/Day 2: I was able to make up for the kickboxing workout that was cut short and kicked some major booty. This was also the night of the blizzard so I had embedded the fact I wouldn't get to the gym the next day into the back of my mind.
Still felt okay on the detox, my energy and mood was normal.

January 3/ Day 3: SNOW DAY! As expected the gym and work was closed so I took that time to try out a new to me app: Yogify. I LOVE doing yoga in my home and have made it a goal to practice there at least once a week.

Detox was reallllllly hard for me this day, mainly because I was trapped inside all day surrounded by things I couldn't eat. It got to the point Eddie took all of those things and locked them in his gym back with a lock I didn't know the combination to. 
He's the best

January 4/ Day 4: Getting to my Jump & Drill class was hard this morning because of the frigid temperatures. When I went to warm up my car it was 0 degrees! However I went in and kicked as much butt as I could.

I felt like I had almost no energy during class. I thought it may have been because I didn't have coffee or G-Fuel before class but thinking back on it it was because I wasn't properly nourished.

I spent most of the day on the couch completely exhausted and useless. It was awful for someone like me who is usually GO GO GO!

 January 5/ Day 5: I lifted for 30 minutes on my own before Kickboxing and really pushed myself. Throughout the class I kept getting lightheaded and felt like I wasn't giving the workout my all. Sure there are times I am tired or hungover in this class and can always push through, but this was different. I actually walked out three different times during the hour long class just to feel better.
There was a banana sitting on the ledge at the back of the class and I had the strongest urge just to steal it haha!

I attended a fundraiser shortly after the gym at a bowling alley and was surrounded by unlimited pizza and my favorite Baked by Melissa cupcakes but resisted all of the temptation regardless of how hungry I was I wasn't going to blow it.

After the fundraiser I went to target but didn't really have any focus while I was shopping because I was so exhausted and hungry so I ended up with a bunch of things I didn't need. 
They sure are cute though!

By 3 pm on Sunday I was sitting on the couch totally zonked and I said to Eddie, I need chips. 
I can't do this anymore, unlock the gym bag and give me them.

He was hesitant because I told him before this started do not give in to me, make me stick to it. But he after looking at me and saying "You look like hell," [he meant it in the nicest way] he obliged and I had a few chips, instantly feeling better.

I lasted 4 1/2 days on this crash detox and can honestly say I'll NEVER try it again. 
I deprived my body of so many nutrients it needed and for what? 
To prove to myself  I could do it?
To lose a few holiday pounds?

Upon further research and after speaking to my mom I realized I wasn't doing it the correct way, there were supplements I was supposed to be taking to make up for the things I wasn't eating which may be why I felt how I felt.
Either way lesson learned and I'll make sure to do all of my research before starting anything like this in the future! Now I am focusing on eating clean and following the Tone It Up plan like I did a few years ago.

Eat right and Just Keep Sweating.
That's the name of the game for 2014


  1. Glad you stopped the detox when you did. Always great to listen to your body. You look great. I definitely see the progression through the years. Must check out that yoga app.

  2. I'm currently doing the #21DSD and it is not for the faint of heart. I feel terrible but the books says that's normal (in conjunction with still being sick). I really want to try the Tone It UP plan... maybe I should just pony up the money already.

    1. See with the 21dsd you can at least have fruits and potatoes, I would have been totally fine with that. Stick with it I bet you'll feel amazing in a few days! Tone it up is great especially if you don't know much about clean eating or how to

  3. I just signed up 2days ago for the tone it up plan - excited to give it a go!

  4. I know I could never do the detox things. For one, I know it would be triggering considering my past eating disorder. For another, I think so many of them are unnecessary and ridiculously restrictive. Glad you listened to your body!

    1. It's great you can recognize that something like this would just trigger bad things from the past. You're incredible !!

  5. i find whenever i say i "can't" have something, i end up wanting it a million times more and finding some other way to compensate!! once i did a no sugar thing and instead i ate my weight in nut butter! lol

    1. OMG Linz that is 100% what I said to my husband. After walking around Target saying to myself NOPE CAN'T HAVE THAT 100 times I was like f this noise im eating all the m&ms!

  6. Detoxes always scare me because of this. I want to try one but then always worry if it is actually healthy or not for my body. Maybe one day I'll try one.


  7. I've done Detoxes before but NEVER worked out to the intensity you did during it, I'm not even sure how you survived!

  8. I shy away from any kind of extreme diet overhaul. They rarely work, and are such a shock to the system that even if they would eventually give you the results you want, you crash so hard you can't stick to them! Best to just focus on including MORE good things (fruits, veg, healthy fats and lean protein) and cutting out the obvious bad things (excess sugar, alcohol, processed foods). :)

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