Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites- Week of 1/20-1/24

Thank you for the outpouring of love the past few days across all of my social media channels. You guys have made this a little bit easier on me and I appreciate it.


Favorite Gym Outfit: Lets be serious, I would never wear shorts to the gym but I want everything in this photo for the simple fact that it is all PINK.

Favorite MUST MAKE ASAP Recipe: Cake Batter Energy Bars from Chocolate Covered Katie
I have plans to pick up the ingredients for these right after work!

Favorite Photo Display Idea: I'm not sure where I would put this if I did recreate it but I absolutely love the idea of taking my Instagram photos, having them printed and put on display in my home.

Favorite Clothing Item on My Wishlist: I saw this sweater on my friend Gina's Instagram yesterday and immediately took to the Internet to hunt it down. Much to my surprised it is being sold on Love Culture's website and its only $20! My birthday is March 6... just saying

Favorite Living Room Decor: Cozy. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I look at this photo. Want, is the second.

Favorite Water Bottle: Mugs and Water bottles are things I tend to obsess over. I constantly find myself pining over new/ cute ones all of the time. This one is just so me, I must have it!

Favorite Holiday Printable: For Christmas I printed out an adorable glitter quote and framed it for our bar area. Now it has kind of become a trend in our home and I wasted no time finding one for Valentine's Day!

Favorite Mug: The mug says it all. Again, my birthday is March 6...just a reminder

Favorite Update: The Just Keep Sweating shop has been given a complete overhaul and has 4 new designs on a lot of different products. I now have sweatshirts, workout tanks, water bottles, iPhone cases and more. I am so in love the new look and cannot wait to give my blog a much needed face lift very soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I am obsessed with cups and mugs...and I love both of these!