Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kicking Major Calorie A$$

Since I was out of town most of last week my workouts suffered BIG time.
Sure, I could have hit the hotel gym but walking around convention centers for 5-7 hours at a time kind of made me not want to be anywhere near an elliptical/treadmill.

However, I got back on Saturday afternoon and hit the gym Sunday morning to get myself back on schedule.

30 minutes Arms & Abs class followed by Kickboxing

Monday was Weights/leg day

Last night was Step and Abs & Chest

This morning was Kickboxing, Shoulders & Legs

4 workouts =  2,732 calories burned


Also finally made a visit to my PO Box yesterday and was beyond excited when I saw I had three packages + letters inside!

That minion shirt is the one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. Not only does is have the minion but it's pink AND glittery!
Mustache duct tape...enough said
and last but not least a guacamole bowl!

I am so blessed to have such amazing subscribers/readers I cannot say it enough.

In other news it's 83 degrees here on Long Island and I hate it.

This little leaf says fall
But the sun says Summer.



  1. So glad you're back!!! Where did you get that minion photo? I have to have it!

  2. I am so annoyed at these warm temperatures! I live in Philly and the heat has been pretty comparable to your weather. I remember it snowing in October when I was in college, I think I'd prefer that over more and more summer weather.

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