Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Hour-Shopping-Cooking [Weekend Recap]

This weekend went too fast!

Friday Night 
I went to a local bar and listened to some live music and indulged in a few Octoberfests, I'd say thats doing happy hour right!

Saturday was a long and busy, but fun day.

I went to the gym only to find out that my class was cancelled.. WHOMP WHOMP. 
I took advantage of having the morning off and made an old favorite for breakfast

Sweet potato hash and an overeasy egg :)

After fueling up I hit the mall and made a big, exciting purchase

A Nutribullet!
I am already in love with it too, best blender ever.

Then Saturday night Lauren and I went to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture show in town

It was..... interesting. I didn't particularly enjoy the live cast because they were acting out the scenes as they were happening on the big screen before them, so basically you were seeing/hearing everything twice and it was more distracting then anything else.

It was a fun experience but not something I'd do again.


 I started my day with a nice, light yoga class. It felt like it was more stretching then anything else but my body definitely appreciated it.

 Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

 Brussel Sprouts with bacon


I spent the rest of the day alternating naps and cooking, perfect Sunday in my opinion!

How was your weekend?