Friday, August 23, 2013


As of right now, I have THREE days of work left before the wedding festivities begin.
One week from today is final fittings for my girls and our rehearsal.
I know I keep saying this but I cannot believe the big day is almost here.
I have been one big emotional rollercoaster.
No one knows this [until I hit publish on this post, that is] that there have been several times the past two weeks I have just started crying.
Nerves, excitement, stress, excitement, happiness, excitement.
Those are the reasons I can think of.

Enough rambling, time for some favorites!

Favorite Nailpolish: Otherwise known as whats been on my nails this week

Essie- A Crewed Interest
Perfect color for the end of summer tan!

Favorite WTF?!: Ke$ha came out with her very own jewelry line cleverly named " Ke$ha Rose" and it offers lots of interesting pieces involving body parts and stones.
I love this Pyrite Adjustable Knuckle Ring
But this ring? I don't understand.
Way to go Ke$ha, you're still one of the strangest celebrities out there.

Favorite Breakfast Recipe: Fall is just around the corner [yayayayayayayay] so I figured it's time to stockpile my pumpkin/spiced recipes. 
These just so happen to be gluten free, you're welcome Lauren. 

Favorite Room Decor: I love every single thing about this bedroom.
Anchors Away Collection from Caitlin Wilson
I want EVERYTHING on her website.

Favorite iPhone App: PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2!

I have been anxiously awaiting the second installment of my beloved PVZ since I heard it was actually happening. I have the original game on my iphone, ipad and PS3 and I've beaten it on all of those platforms---more then once.
Needless to say it was time for an update and I got it!
PS- It's free :)

Favorite Some Ecard: 9 DAYS!!!!!!