Thursday, July 11, 2013

I went to Red Mango for...a smoothie!

Disclaimer: Red Mango sponsored this post. The gift cards were sent for us to try the new smoothies as well as compensated me for this review. AS ALWAYS All opinions are my own.

Did you know Red Mango now has smoothies?

I was fortunate enough to treat not only myself but my bestie Sarah to a post workout treat last Tuesday at Red Mango!

I wasn't really sure what to expect upon arrival because I've only ever been to RM one other time and it was for Nutella fro-yo ;)

Sarah got the Berry Medley Hibiscus and added a scoop of Whey protein powder for an extra dollar or so
[ I don't remember the exact price, but it wasn't much]

I went with the Mango Melody and also opted in for the added Whey protein powder... I mean we had JUST worked out.

The verdict: They were both DELICIOUS. They didn't taste fake or overly sweet which I thought might be the case, considering we were getting protein shakes from a frozen yogurt shop.

I will definitely be heading back to Red Mango to try one of the other flavors they have available, particularly one with peanut butter! [ ours didn't have these available at the time] 

For more information follow them on their social media accounts
 Twitter at    

HUGE thank you to Red Mango for allowing us to refuel after our workouts with these delicious smoothies :)


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