Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Sweat and Eats!


I was up bright and early ready to tackle my 2 hour workout Saturday morning

However I got a little lazy 20 minutes into the second class and ended up bailing. I am still adjusting to our new home/schedule soooo I'll blame that ;)

The rest of the day was spent running errands with Becky for our places, we even stopped at my favorite oil/vinegar shop and I came home with these bad boys

If you live on Long Island [ I don't know if they have these anywhere else?] I highly recommend checking out The Crushed Olive. You can sample EVERYTHING!!
We went hungry which was not a good idea for our wallets, but great for our bellies!

Saturday night was spent on the couch with Eddie watching tv and eating sweet potato nachos thanks to this awesome recipe from Peas and Crayons.

I kept my toppings simple just cheese, black beans and roasted garlic salsa.
You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be making this again.


Attacked my workout first thing in the morning and it was AWESOME.
Kickboxing is always a little difficult but yesterday she really kicked our butts. Lets just say I wasn't too upset when class was over.

After KB Beck and I walked over to the Farmer's Market and picked up a bunch of goodies including Chia pudding!

The company is run by two best friends living on LI. They offer 4 flavors: original-vanilla-green tea- banana. Every single one of them tasted AMAZING. 100% raw, natural ingredients AND if you bring your jar back to them you receive money off of your next purchase!

Each jar is one serving and as you can probably tell from the picture above, one serving is HUGE. I will do a full review on this later in the week if you're interested!

After the FM it was BEACH TIME!!! First day of the season!


Last night Eddie and I made his and hers paninis for dinner.

Grilled eggplant, mozzarella, tomato, basil and Tuscan herb oil [from the Crushed Olive] on fresh ciabatta bread from the FM of course.

His: No picture but it was RIDICULOUS. Smoked Turkey and Smoked Gouda with a homemade smoky chipotle mayo.

On the side I had some kale chips

Perfect ending to a great weekend!

Also here is the vlog from Friday & Saturday/Apartment tour!


  1. Those nachos looks amazing... I'll definitely be giving them a try.

  2. Which farmers market did you get that pudding? I live in Huntington and there is a Crushed Olive here so I am hoping you are close and it was the Huntington market you were at :)

    1. Babylon!!! Every sunday in the train station parking lot from 7-1. I went to the crushed olive in Sayville :)

    2. I have to get down to that one! All last year I had a run on Sunday mornings.....I need that pudding!!

  3. Random thought, but I am jealous of you being at the beach. I'd love to get my toes in some sand!

  4. I never think to make paninis - but do enjoy them. I might just have to add it to next week's meal plan!