Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ride to Montauk & We Moved!

This past weekend was jam packed [more than usual] 

Saturday we had the 13th annual Judi Shesh Memorial 5k in honor of my aunt who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2001.

I didn't take any pictures so I only have this one to share haha.
I did Vlog but later lost my camera :( so the footage is also gone.

After the race it was time to head on our 2 hour road trip to Montauk to watch Eddie and our friend Chris cross the finish line in their 73 mile bike ride.

Along the way we made one bathroom stop at the Lobster Roll which is one of my moms favorite places to eat

We arrived an hour before Eddie and Chris made it to the finish line so us girls laid in the grass and enjoyed the sunshine.

It only took Eddie a little over 5 hours to complete his ride and I couldn't be prouder of his accomplishment!

Sunday was MOVING DAY!
Thankfully Eddie and I have some great family and friends in our lives that were willing to help us not only move everything to our new place, but clean it from top to bottom.

Everything is coming together slowly but surely and since I've gone MIA once again I wanted to share some pictures with you guys!

 The bar!

First celebration last night, Momma's birthday :)
We broke in our new Kate Spade china, serving set and champagne glasses that I received at my shower!

After cake Eddie and I settled in to watch The Voice in our new living room 

I love the open layout and wood floors.
Our new couch is being delivered on Friday [I'll post more update pictures as the apartment comes together more] and the futon will go in our guest room.

So that's where I've been the past few days, and I am really hoping to get back on my blogging and vlogging track by next week :)

And last but not least... our view:


  1. I LOVE your view!!! tell Eddie congrats on his race!!

  2. Congrats! Love that Kate Spade china too-I'm so jealous!

  3. Such a cute place!

    I can't imagine riding a bike for five hours - go Eddie!

  4. aww nice :) happy for you guys.