Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Furry Shadow

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday!

This morning I had a little furry shadow with me everywhere I went

I just love that face!

Shortly after taking this photo I hit the gym for my usual Wednesday morning routine, Kickboxing and weights.

I'd say things went well!

I took a rest day yesterday and tackled some projects at home, most importantly my DVD collection which has been causing me anxiety the past few weeks. 

I'm not sure why having all 200+ dvds in a box was bothering me as much as is was but having this finally organized [in ABC order] from Movies to TV shows to fitness dvds I am at peace.

Is anyone else OCD about things like this? I can't be the only one.

One last thing::: SO HAPPY about DOMA being found Unconstitutional ... WAY TO GO AMERICA.


  1. I always start with the dvds in abc order... and then they get messed up so I give up haha. That furry shadow is adorable!

  2. He's so cute... both of the boys are. I feel like we'd be besties if we live closer. My dogs are spoiled rotten.

  3. My roommate used to arrange her DVDs by the primary color of the case...

  4. I am sure if I had that many DVD's I'd have them in order too! I remember doing that with CD's back in the day!

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